FARUK KUGAY – ENEOS S2000-Powered BMW 318i


ENEOS ambassador, Formal DRIFT PRO driver, TV star and workshop owner Faruk Kugay has spent the past few months chronicling is latest project: an E30 BMW 318i powered by a Honda S2000 engine.

Faruk Headshot

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Original Equipment Supplier

ENEOS takes pride in our OE partnerships. Our engineers work alongside vehicle R&D teams to create specific formulations for new vehicles in production. We supply the vast majority of car assembly plants in Japan and across Asia.

ENEOS also works with manufacturers in the US and Europe. We lead the world in lubricant development for high-performance and efficiency vehicles.

Throughout our history, ENEOS has also worked alongside the world’s top racing teams to develop high-performance lubricants.

Our obsession with quality and innovation is more than just a statement – it’s why we’ve been trusted by OEMs for almost half a century.


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Performance & Racing

ENEOS has developed lubricants for many of the world’s fastest cars, with a long history of motorsports involvement at the highest level. This has allowed us to focus on engine and transmission oil development, which has been tested and proven under the harshest conditions.

ENEOS RACING Series motor oils provide extended high-temperature and cold start protection for track days and dedicated race cars.

Our lubricants are proven to reduce friction, increasing horsepower while maintaining protection.

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ENEOS produces OE-quality lubricants for all transmission types, including automatic and CVT, thanks to our extensive OE partnerships.

ENEOS Import Series is engineered for specific Asian vehicles that require “genuine” fluids from the manufacturer. Each product in the Import Series line are made to the exact specifications of the corresponding OE fluid.

ENEOS ECO Series uses OE expertise to craft high quality, full synthetic ATF and CVT transmission fluids capable of meeting an extremely broad range of vehicle specifications, which now include Dexron® VI, Mercon® LV, and other American and European specifications. The formulations are developed with technology to improve fuel economy in vehicle transmission s while providing superior performance and protection.

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EV Development

ENEOS recently embarked on a new development program to create a fluid series for electric vehicles. We’ll be supplying car manufacturers with fluid to improve efficiency and durability.

ENEOS EV Fluid includes:

  • Gear Protection to protect reduction gears
  • HV AT for automatic transmissions in electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Motor Cool
  • Energy Saving through very low friction
  • Isolation to maximize electrical insulation
  • Battery Cool for battery packs

Stay tuned for more information as this product develops.

Pictured: Dai Yoshihara driving the ENEOS Evasive Tesla at Pikes Peak 2021.

Dai Yoshihara Driving ENEOS Evasive Tesla
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