ENEOS 0W-16 was developed in conjunction with Asian automakers to provide increased fuel economy for hybrid and ECO vehicles where 0W-16 is specified. ENEOS combined ultra low viscosity oil with additives carefully selected to protect engine components. It also meets API SP and ILSAC GF-6B standards.

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Outstanding fuel saving performance

ENEOS 0W-16 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil was developed to support the growth of global environmental protection and new fuel economy regulations. ENEOS 0W-16, with ultimate low viscosity, provides fuel saving by 2%[1] compared to a conventional 0W-20 oil. ENEOS 0W-16 is the next generation motor oil, and is recommended for many hybrid and ECO cars.


Exceptional engine protection

ENEOS 0W-16 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is precisely designed at the optimal viscosity and formulated with carefully selected additives based on tests with many types of engines. Thanks to the optimized formulation, ENEOS 0W-16 provides superior anti-wear performance, and its oil film retention capacity results in exceptional engine protection.


Remarkable quick engine starts and speed-up at cold temperature

ENEOS 0W-16 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil can keep better flows at cold temperatures due to optimally balanced synthetic base oils and proprietary polymer additives, enabling remarkably quick engine starts and response at cold temperatures.


Superior thermal and oxidation breakdown resistance

ENEOS 0W-16 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated with highly refined synthetic base oils and advanced additives that help to prevent deposits and sludge caused by oxidation breakdown of oils. Such superior thermal and oxidation capability offers improved driving under many conditions and wide range of temperatures, as well as longer fuel-saving effects.*


Meets Latest Industry Standards

ENEOS 0W-16 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is motor oil officially certified as API SP SAE 0W-16 standard established by the American Petroleum Institute and exceeds service fill requirements.

It also meets ILSAC GF-6B as introduced by International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee formed by the American Automobile Manufacturers Association (AAMA), and Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

*Based on our internal test data of the Japanese Fuel Saving Test compared to a conventional API SN, ILSAC GF-5 0W-20 oil. It is not guaranteed under any driving conditions.

Gasoline engine passenger vehicles, particularly Hybrid and ECO car models, where 0W-16 is recommended. ENEOS 0W-16 is currently recommended for select vehicles:

  • Toyota Camry 4-cylinder gasoline engines (2017 and newer)
  • Camry Hybrid (2017 and newer)
  • Toyota AQUA (Prius C)*
  • Honda Fit (after 2013)*
  • Honda Hybrid Cars (Accord, Odyssey, CR-Z, Fit, etc.)*

ENEOS Full Synthetic Motor Oil Applications

Find ENEOS products for your vehicle by using the Oil Selector search tool in the menu.

*Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for specific recommendations. May refer to vehicles manufactured in Japan.

ENEOS Full Synthetic Motor Oil Typical Properties

For complete safety information, view our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) .

*This document is the latest at the date of upload, but due to infrequent updates in our supply chain, there may be times the data is out of sync. As a disclaimer, we do not guarantee this information. Please contact us with any concerns.

ENEOS provides 0W-16 in the following packaging:

QUART: 3251-300
5 QT: N/A
BIB (6 Gal): 3251-400
DRUM: 3251-110