ENEOS 0W-20 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is 100% fully synthetic motor oil blended from high-performance hydro-refined base oils and an optimized additive blend to provide better fuel economy, and increased emission system durability.

It provides excellent fuel economy and environmental protection, is suitable for hybrids & LEVs, Meets API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards, and is dexos1® approved, providing broad compatibility with domestic and import vehicles.

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Low Viscosity (0W-20)

ENEOS 0W-20 High Performance Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is blended from high-performance hydrorefined base oils and an optimized additive blend, providing much better heat and oxidation stability than regular motor oils blended from solvent-refined base oils. Thanks to its innovative formulation, ENEOS 0W-20 achieves a low viscosity, enabling excellent fuel economy and environmental protection.


Superb Fuel Economy to Protect the Environment

In addition to its high performance hydrorefined base oils and additives, ENEOS 0W-20 is also blended with organic molybdenum friction reducers. As a result, the oil minimizes friction and enables superb fuel economy.


Meets Latest Industry Standards

The high-performance ENEOS 0W-20 has been certified as meeting the latest API SP SAE 0W-20 standard established by the American Petroleum Institute and exceeds service fill requirements.

It also meets ILSAC GF-6A as introduced by International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee formed by the American Automobile Manufacturers Association (AAMA), and Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

Gasoline engine passenger vehicles where 0W-20 is recommended.

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