About ENEOS Corporation

ENEOS Corporation is a fully integrated petroleum products company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. ENEOS offers petroleum products and services throughout the world. Through partnerships with world class customers, ENEOS produces technologically advanced motor oils and transmission fluids that reduce carbon emissions, improve fuel economy and reduce wear on critical components. For more information, please visit www.eneos.co.jp/english/


In the US and Canada, ENEOS USA, Inc. offers:

  • OE manufacturing, production, and third-party lubricant distribution (including factory and service fill)
  • Private brand lubricant products for anyone in the supply chain channel
  • ENEOS brand aftermarket products

ENEOS’ in-house R&D department includes testing facilities and strategies to meet equipment specifications with the highest performance and quality standards.

Drawing from our OEM roots, we work with channel partners to build excitement, enthusiasm, and demand for ENEOS.

US Offices: Schaumberg, IL

US Production: Birmingham, AL

To learn more about ENEOS USA, Inc. offerings, please contact: sales@eneos.us

Other ENEOS Global Business

Visitors to Japan may currently notice ENEOS Service Stations, ENEOS Denki electricity service, hydrogen stations, wind power, recycling and environmental services, natural gas, high performance materials including Kaleido Screen(R), mobility services, forest stewardship activities, and mega solar power farms. More about ENEOS Holdings.


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