ENEOS RACING Series motor oil is created using industry-leading engine oil technologies from decades of collaborative research with Japan’s top automakers, as well as our worldwide racing partners. ENEOS RACING Series has been designed to deliver exceptional performance under relentless racing conditions, providing maximum horsepower and excellent engine protection for racing vehicles of all types.



Motorsports partnerships and sponsorship programs have allowed ENEOS to develop engine and transmission oils under the harshest conditions. we have worked with the Honda Formula One Team, Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP team, as well as leading competitors in NASCAR, Super GT, World Rally, Rallycross, Formula DRFT, World of Outlaws, and many more.

Through our ongoing motorsports involvement, ENEOS has been able to apply lessons learned on the track to improve our formulations for passenger vehicles in terms of power and protection at high temperatures and high RPM. We have developed the ENEOS RACING Series oils for amateur and professional racing drivers to provide cold-start protection and extended high-temperature running while helping to increase power with low-friction formulations.