ENEOS / DEVSPEED Nissan S14 will be ready for battle at the first round of PROSPEC competition at Road Atlanta.


Faruk has been a key component of Team ENEOS for several years, using ENEOS motor and gear oil both in drift competition and a string of SEMA projects cars he built for the Japanese company’s booth.

Born in Poland, Faruk started drifting in 2002, organizing his own drift events in Europe from 2007 where he also announced, judged and even taught drifting to other enthusiasts. Returning to the California Bay Area in 2012, Faruk dedicated himself to professional competition, earning his Formula DRIFT PRO2 (PROSPEC) license in 2015 and unlocking his PRO license the following year. After completing the 2020 PRO season, Faruk took a sabbatical but returned to the PROSPEC Championship in 2023 with ENEOS Motor Oil and the “de-tuned” PRO Championship ENEOS / Pedal Commander Nissan S14. Faruk will return to the 2024 PROSPEC Championship in the renamed ENEOS / DEVSPEED Nissan S14, powered by a 900hp Toyota Supra 2JZ engine.

Outside of FD, Faruk has hosted Sonoma Drift events on Wednesday nights at Sonoma Raceway since 2014 and organizes the annual Winter Jam drift event at the same venue. And when he’s not traveling for competitions, you’ll find Faruk at his shop DEVSPEED, located at Sonoma Raceway. This is where he has created a series of SEMA show cars for ENEOS, including an E30 BMW with Honda F20C S2000 engine swap in 2021, a Porsche 911 GT3 with Subaru STI engine swap in 2022, and a 750hp 2JZ-powered Jaguar E-type in 2023. Be sure to check out the ENEOS website and social media channels to discover these incredible creations.