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ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is a fully synthetic continuously variable transmission (CVT) fluid formulated to meet quality requirements for many types of Asian CVTs. ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID can provide superior fuel efficiency, ensure longer drain interval and optimize noise reduction. ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is applicable for both belt and chain pulley types of CVTs.

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Outstanding fuel efficiency

Based on our original Friction Control Technology, which has been developed jointly with Asian car manufacturers, ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID can optimize friction characteristics to improve power transfer performance. ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is a fuel efficiency type of continuously variable transmission fluid that fulfills rigorous requirements for fuel efficiency of automotive manufacturers.


Excellent accelerating performance and thermal & oxidation stability

ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID formulation with fully synthetic base oils and carefully selected viscosity index improvers can provide excellent accelerating performance at very low temperatures. Furthermore, thanks to our unique additive technology, ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID can help clean and maintain transmissions to extend life and performance even under high-speed and high temperature driving conditions.


Significant noise reduction

Based on our internal test data using CVTs from Japanese auto manufacturers, ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID reduces noise from transmissions by a maximum of 5%* due to selective additives that can be effective for noise reduction. ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID provides more quiet driving.


Wide ranging applications

ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is used in both belt and chain types of CVTs of a wide variety of Asian auto manufacturers, and can meet their service fill requirements**.

*As compared to other conventional CVT fluids.
**ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is not compatible with toroidal and dry types of CVTs.

ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is recommended for continuously variable transmissions in most Asian cars (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, etc.). It can be used for an extensive array of both belt and chain types of CVTs and is compatible with many of the latest CVTs and fluids including:

  • Toyota CVTF TC / FE
  • Honda/Acura Genuine CVTF, Genuine HCF-2
  • Nissan CVTF NS-1, NS-2, NS-3, Matic D (for N-CVT only)
  • Mazda CVTF 3320 (JWS 3320)
  • Mitsubishi CVTF J1, J4, J4+
  • Subaru Certified CVTF-II, ECVT Fluid, i-CVT Fluid, i-CVT Fluid FG, CVT Fluid for Linear Tranik and Linear Tranik II

ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is not recommended for Toyota Hybrid CVT and Nissan Extroid CVT. Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations.

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For complete safety information, view our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) .

*This document is the latest at the date of upload, but due to infrequent updates in our supply chain, there may be times the data is out of sync. As a disclaimer, we do not guarantee this information. Please contact us with any concerns.

ENEOS provides ECO CVTF in the following packaging:

QUART: 3026-300
5 QT: 3026-320
BIB (6 Gal): 3026-400
DRUM: 3026-110

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  1. Jorge

    Excellent quality oil, compatible with all types of CVT, the only bad thing is that there is none and it is not known when they will be resupplied

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