ENEOS has announced a new EV Fluid Series. The line of six dedicated EV fluids (listed below) has been developed by the same engineers and chemists who work alongside the majority of leading car makers in Japan and Asia. Currently, ENEOS engineers and chemists are working closely with many vehicle manufacturers to create the latest lubricants, continuously improving vehicle efficiency through reduced friction, lower emissions, improved fuel consumption and greater longevity. And as the future of automotive development looks towards electric vehicles, ENEOS also tasked its development teams to look at alternative fuel vehicle concepts, particularly in terms of lubrication and cooling. The new ENEOS EV Fluid Series is now being offered to existing OM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners and the rest of the world’s EV manufacturers to help improve vehicle efficiency.

  • ENEOS EV FLUID Gear Protection: A fluid to enhance the performance and increase the protection of reduction gears
  • ENEOS EV FLUID HV AT: A specialized fluid for automatic transmissions in electric/hybrid vehicles
  • ENEOS EV FLUID Motor Cool: A fluid with a balance of gear lubricity, motor cooling, and electrical insulation properties
  • ENEOS EV FLUID Energy Saving: A fluid to maximize the performance of motor cooling and energy-saving through very low friction
  • ENEOS EV FLUID Isolation: A fluid to maximize electrical insulation for safety
  • ENEOS EV FLUID Battery Cool: A specialized coolant for battery packs and electrical components
ENEOS EV Fluid Gear Protection
ENEOS EV Fluid Motor Cool
ENEOS EV Fluid Energy Saving
ENEOS EV Fluid Isolation
ENEOS EV Fluid Battery Cool

More details coming soon!

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