Thanks for your interest in the ENEOS sponsorship program. Please provide the information requested below to with the subject “ENEOS SPONSORSHIP”. Please do not exceed 9MB with your attachments. Larger attachments should be sent via DropBox or similar.

The information will allow us to learn more about you, your vehicle/s, event/s and how a partnership could benefit yourself and the ENEOS brand.

Due to the large amount of inquiries we receive, our marketing team will only contact you if there’s interest in your proposal.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Contact info
  2. Give us a brief introduction to yourself and/or your company or team
  3. Please provide links to your website and social media channels, YouTube, etc
  4. Vehicle year, make and model
  5. Please attach current photos of the vehicle/s. Include front and rear three-quarter, side, interior and engine
  6. What oil brand and weight do you currently use in your vehicle/s?
  7. Current list of aftermarket parts/modifications to your vehicle/s
  8. Current sponsors (there should not be a conflict of interest with ENEOS)
  9. List of previous projects
  10. List of referrals
  11. Event attendance schedule
  12. List any confirmed media coverage, including media contact information
  13. What exactly do you wish to obtain from a partnership with ENEOS?
  14. What can you offer ENEOS in exchange for our support?
  15. Outline a proposed photo, video and blog schedule for content you post with ENEOS hashtags, or supply content to ENEOS for posting
  16. Please confirm you will be able to provide a monthly report on vehicle/s activities, posts, media coverage, etc

ENEOS appreciates you contacting us and wish you the best of luck moving forward with your projects.

If you would prefer to send a complete proposal, please send it to the same email address as above. Be sure it addresses all the areas above, along with requested photos. Thank you!