ENEOS partners with Formula DRIFT Champion Fredric Aasbo for 2022

Honda-powered BMW, rare Honda Acty pickup, and new EV Fluid Line among SEMA attractions

ENEOS — Japan’s largest oil company, and supplier of motor oil and transmission fluids to the majority of Asian vehicle manufacturers — is returning to the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas this week to meet and interact with automotive enthusiasts and customers.

The lubricant specialist will be located in booth # 21203 at the front of Central Hall. Attendees will be able to explore a reimagined booth, which features a distinctive ENEOS road map aimed at highlighting the company’s core strengths. It includes an area dedicated to the company’s crucial OEM relationships, which have allowed ENEOS to share its latest technology with the world’s car makers. The company is the leading expert in synthetic oil formulation, creating some of the thinnest, most efficient lubricants for the very latest gasoline and hybrid engines as well as their transmissions and differentials.

As part of its expanding OEM relationships, ENEOS has created a new EV Fluid Line, which is designed to help increase the efficiency and durability of current and future electric vehicle components. And like its conventional motor and transmission oils, which are available to retail customers, the EV Fluid Line will initially be available to car makers as part of its OE Fill Program, with an aftermarket line in development. Full details about the EV Fluid Line are available from the ENEOS SEMA booth or at eneos.us

The remaining stops on the ENEOS road map are at Performance and Transmission stations. These focus on the wide range of lubricants dedicated to the majority of current and older vehicles. Of particular interest is the ENEOS Racing Series motor oils, which are designed for use by weekend track day enthusiasts or dedicated racers. The Racing Street Series is engineered to work with emissions equipment and ensures extended high-temperature running, superior protection at initial start-up, and greater performance thanks to significantly reduced friction; benefits that have been proven to improve horsepower when used against its competitors.

ENEOS Racing Pro Series oils are designed for dedicated race cars that do not require emissions equipment. The formulation provides the same protection as the Street series but at higher temperatures and for extended track sessions, ensuring maximum protection for the racing community.

ENEOS also produces OE-quality lubricants for all transmission types, including automatic and CVT, thanks to its extensive OE partnerships. ENEOS carries two transmission product lines: ENEOS IMPORT SERIES for exact transmission specifications; and ENEOS ECO Series for extremely broad coverage of automatic and CVT transmissions in market today.

For more information about the full ENEOS product lines, please visit eneos.us


Thank you, Dai – Hello Fredric!

ENEOS has been a sponsoring partner of Formula DRIFT and competing teams for many years. The company currently supports 2011 FD Champion Dai Yoshihara in the PRO Championship, and Rich Whiteman in the PROSPEC class. However, after competing at the highest level for more than 18 years, Dai is retiring from the series to focus on other motorsports activities.

While we’re extremely sad to see Dai leave Formula DRIFT, ENEOS is planning to continue supporting Dai as he embarks on new projects. And we can exclusively announce that ENEOS will partner with the newly crowned Formula DRIFT Champion, Fredric Aasbo and Papadakis Racing for the 2022 season.

This is extremely exciting for ENEOS because the company works closely with Toyota at the engineering and development level, and its synthetic lubricants will be the perfect addition to Fredric’s Rockstar Energy Toyota GR Supra.

“At Papadakis Racing, we’re fortunate to work with top tier companies in the automotive industry,” said Papadakis Racing team owner Stephan Papadakis. “We first put ENEOS to the test with our NASCAR-engined Scion tC and already know it’s a great product line. With that knowledge, we’re excited to bring ENEOS on board for our 1000hp Rockstar Energy Toyota GR Supra in Formula DRIFT next year.”

ENEOS will work closely with Papadakis Racing over the winter and look forward to Fredric’s defense of his Championship title throughout the 2022 season of the Formula DRIFT PRO series.


Star of the ENEOS SEMA booth # 20213 is a 1985 BMW 318i built by Formula DRIFT PRO driver and owner of DevSpeed Motorsports, Faruk Kugay.

To help make the vehicle unique, Faruk undertook an engine swap using the 2.0L four-cylinder engine from the Honda S2000. Codenamed F20C, the potent VTEC engine develops 240hp without requiring forced induction.

The purpose of the swap was to provide the BMW with a more powerful yet lightweight engine that compares favorably to even the E30 M3’s 2.3L 16v engine.

For this application, DevSpeed resisted the temptation to fit aftermarket tuning equipment, preferring instead to create a CARB-legal conversion that will provide a healthy performance increase without running into emissions problems.

As such, the engine is equipped with a CARB-legal AEM air intake and Borla Performance stainless steel exhaust system fitted after the BMW’s catalytic converter. Among the other upgrades to accommodate the swap is a custom wiring harness, tucked radiator, aluminum mounts and new installation hardware. The F20C is lubricated by ENEOS Racing Street 0W-50 motor oil to provide the optimum combination of wear protection and performance.

Further highlights of the ENEOS BMW 318i F20C include the S2000’s six-speed transmission with a BMW limited-slip differential to aid traction when Faruk utilizes the car for track days and drift events. Both these drivetrain elements are lubricated by ENEOS oils.

To improve mechanical grip, DevSpeed chose the Pandem V1.5 widebody kit. Designed and manufactured in Japan, it continues the JDM theme for this DTM classic. The wider Pandem fenders accommodate sticky Toyo Proxes RA1 tires, which are sized 255/40 front and 275/40 ZR17 rear. This is a significant increase over the stock E30.

The Toyo Tires are mounted on motorsport-themed 17” Rotiform IGS wheels, which are a generous 9.5” wide at the front and 11” rear. Suspension is controlled by multi-adjustable KW Variant 3 coilovers, and the 36 year-old E30 bodyshell is reinforced with Garagistic components and a custom Devspeed four-point internal roll bar to deal with the increased cornering forces.

Braking power has been considerably improved with equipment from the later E36 M3, including its larger front calipers and rotors thanks to specialized adapters.

In addition to the widebody fender conversion, the ENEOS BMW 318i F20C also has the distinctive rear window, raised trunk lid and Evo II rear wing of the E30 M3, which helped to both improve airflow and increase downforce. There is also a carbon fiber roof panel, which allowed DevSpeed to delete the stock sunroof and lower the center of gravity.

Inside, there are MOMO racing seats, steering wheel and shift knob as well as a motorsport-style dashboard and seat delete panels, adding to the weight reduction measures.

As we mentioned, DevSpeed Motorsports will utilize the ENEOS BMW 318i F20C for track days and drift events, and Faruk will be able to drive the car legally on the street in California once it passes inspection after the SEMA Show.


1985 BMW 318i with Honda S2000 F20C engine swap

Builder: Faruk Kugay, DevSpeed Motorsports
Contact: @faruk.kugay, Develpmentofspeed.com

Engine: 2001 Honda S2000 F20C 2.0L four-cylinder 16v VTEC with CARB-legal AEM intake, Borla Performance stainless steel Type S cat-back exhaust, MPC hardware, Ryno Wiring mil-spec harness, ENEOS Racing Street 0W-50 motor oil, Chase Bays tucked radiator, Garagistic aluminum mounts
Power: 240hp at 8300rpm / 153 lb-ft at 7500rpm

Transmission: Honda S2000 six-speed transmission, Exedy clutch, 3.73:1 BMW limited-slip differential, ENEOS 75W-90 gear oil, custom driveshaft, Garagistic secondary diff mount, diff stud kit, aluminum transmission mounts, and front subframe spacers

Suspension/Chassis: KW Variant 3 coilovers with adjustable compression and rebound, E30 M3 front spindles, E36 318Ti rear trailing arms with Garagistic reinforcement, Garagistic chassis and subframe reinforcements, Delrin bushings, power steering delete and camber/castor modification, four-point custom roll bar, E30 325i Convertible front shock tower reinforcement

Braking: E36 M3 front brake conversion with custom brake hat adapters, E36 M3 rear brakes with SRS caliper adapters, Chase Bays dual master 6:1 boosterless conversion and stainless steel lines throughout

Wheels & Tires: Rotiform IGS 17×9.5” front, 17×11” rear wheels finished in anthracite, 255/40 R17 front, 275/40 R17 rear Toyo Proxes RA1 tires

Exterior: 6666 Customs / TRA Kyoto Pandem V1.5 widebody fenders, front spoiler, rear bumper, side skirts, CATuned E30 M3 Evo II rear wing, carbon fiber roof and front grilles, E30Garage Norway M3-style steel C-pillar conversion, E30 M3 trunk lid, Glass-On-The-Go E30 M3 rear glass, Frenchie Smiley headlights, @E30taillights, MPC hardware

Interior: MOMO front seats, harnesses, steering wheel and shift knob, custom dashboard with Landmark Grafix 3M anti-glare wrap, rear seat delete panels

Thanks / Sponsors: ENEOS, DevSpeed Motorsports, AEM, Borla Performance, CATuned, Chase Bays, Diverse Motorsports, Exedy, Foreign Parts Specialties, Garagistic, GReddy, Hanson Distributing Company, KW Suspension, Landmark Grafix, MOMO, MPC Motorsport, Rotiform, Ryno Wiring Solutions, Toyo Tires, @E30taillights


Sticking with the JDM theme, ENEOS will also display a very unusual Honda Acty pickup built by Neil Tjin from Tjin Edition. The Kei truck was imported from Japan and has been put into service as a stylish delivery vehicle carrying ENEOS oil products and a distinctive SUPER73-ZX e-bike, which was customized to match the van.

The many features and highlights of the Tjin Edition Honda Acty include the following:

  • Mag factory wing, front bumper and fender flares
  • FLP metal rear wing and custom side panels
  • Seafoam green paint
  • 13” Enjoy wheels painted yellow
  • Custom upholstered Status seats and steering wheel
  • Custom LED headlights, Rigid fog lights, reversing lights and third brake light
  • Custom oil pan for mid-mounted three-cylinder 660cc liquid-cooled engine
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Custom SUPER73-ZX e-bike with matching Seafoam green frame, yellow wheels and seat cover

This small, maneuverable, economical Acty pickup is the ideal runaround for busy cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles. Its peppy three-cylinder engine makes light work of city streets and avoids the gas pump for as long as possible. The engine is mid-mounted to provide ample legroom for the occupants.

Painted in a distinctive Seafoam green paint with contrasting 13” yellow Enjoy wheels and Status racing seats, the Tjin Edition Honda Acty will put a smile on your face every time you see it.

Once the driver arrives at his destination, he’s able to unload the custom SUPER73-ZX e-bike from the cargo bed. Painted in the same Seafoam green with yellow highlights to match the Acty’s interior, the ZX was launched a few months ago to rave reviews. The e-bike features a lightweight aluminum frame and a removable battery that can provide an estimated 50 miles of range (depending on conditions). The ZX also features four riding modes and can be set to four riding classes to comply with local bylaws, all through the SUPER73 smart phone app.


In addition to sponsoring Dai Yoshihara’s Formula DRIFT season, ENEOS has been a long-time supporter of his Pikes Peak attempts, which culminated in a 2020 Unlimited Class win.

For 2021, ENEOS and Dai again partnered with Evasive Motorsports to return to the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC). However, the Toyota 86 they had built and prepared for previous years was replaced by a brand new project: the Turn 14 Distribution / Toyo Tires / ENEOS / Evasive Motorsports Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak race car.

With ENEOS announcing its new line of six dedicated EV fluids, the combination of Dai, Evasive, and a new Tesla race car was a tantalizing prospect. However, despite numerous pre-event test sessions, the car suffered an electrical problem as it left the starting line. Undeterred, all parties plan to return to the PPIHC in 2022 to make another attempt to set an EV Production Car track record time in the Exhibition Class.

Full details on the car can be found here: https://www.eneos.us/blog/eneos-returns-to-pikes-peak-with-dai-yoshihara-evasive-motorsports-and-a-tesla-model-3/

The Turn 14 Distribution / Toyo Tires / ENEOS / Evasive Motorsports Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak car will be exhibited at SEMA 2021 by Turn 14 Distribution in booth # 21503 in Central Hall.