Dai Yoshihara with Pit Paddock car's hood open

“Ride With Dai” Debuts at 2022 Wicked Big Meet

ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara didn’t waste any time following the announcement of his new “Ride With Dai” drift demo program — he went straight to work with his Subaru BRZ PRO drift car, fresh from its Pit+Paddock HQ debut to Stafford, CT for its first event, the East Coast’s largest Subaru gathering: Wicked Big Meet.

ENEOS booth with oil products and swag items
ENEOS event booth

Held at Stafford Motor Speedway, Wicked Big Meet celebrates all things Subaru. Enthusiasts drove in from several neighboring states to join the party, with activities including an autocross, car show, and loads of raffle prizes. The latter included the opportunity to win a ride-along with Dai, thanks to Pit+Paddock.

Dai Yoshihara with Pit Paddock car and team
Camera man with Pit Paddock car

ENEOS joined forces with P+P to display the BRZ, giving people an opportunity to learn more about our high-performance lubricants and sign up for a chance to win a ride-along. As you can guess, interest was high: everyone wanted to see the new build and had their fingers crossed to ride as a passenger with Dai.

Dai Yoshihara in racing gear and with Pit Paddock car
Dai Yoshihara with fellow racer

The lucky handful were taken to the speedway’s oval where they took turns being strapped in for a drift thrill-ride. And as an added bonus, Travis Pastrana was also doing demo ride-alongs with his Air Slayer STI.

Dai had no problem getting reacquainted with his BRZ. He threw down several exciting runs for the lucky winners and  the packed grandstands, which cheered him on his return to drifting since retiring from Formula DRIFT.

Dai Yoshihara at event booth
Man sitting in race car

If you weren’t able to attend Wicked Big Meet, Dai is taking the “Ride With Dai” program to several events around the country this year — and we want nothing more than for you to win the same opportunity. Follow us on social for more news.