JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (President and Representative Director: Tsutomu Sugimori) is pleased to announce its entry into an individual sponsorship agreement with Mr. Valentino Rossi¹, a member of Yamaha’s factory team² for MotoGP³ “Movistar Yamaha MotoGP” on Monday, March 28, 2016.

We have served as a sponsor for Yamaha’s factory team since 2012 and our corporate logos are on their vehicles and racing suits. Beginning in the 2016 season, we will provide individual sponsorship for Mr. Rossi in addition to sponsorship for the team.

Having won nine world championships so far, Mr. Rossi is a talented and popular rider loved by many enthusiastic fans around the globe.

Through this sponsorship, we will continue our efforts to raise awareness of the ENEOS brand even further in the global market, and to publicize our state-of-the-art technologies related to lubricants.

Motorsport is a form of sport that pursues the ultimate performance of two- or four-wheel vehicles. Many of the technologies developed through motorsport, including those related to the improvement of power output and fuel economy, are applied to commercial lubricants for two- or four-wheel vehicles. Taking advantage of the strong connection with Mr. Rossi, we will work to expand sales of ENEOS oil in the global market.

(1)  Mr. Rossi’s profile is as follows:
Name: Valentino Rossi
Nationality: Italy
Date of birth: February 16, 1979
Results of world championships:

1996 9th in GP125 2006 2nd in MotoGP
1997 1st in GP125 2007 3rd in MotoGP
1998 2nd in GP250 2008 1st in MotoGP
1999 1st in GP250 2009 1st in MotoGP
2000 2nd in GP500 2010 3rd in MotoGP
2001 1st in GP500 2011 7th in MotoGP
2002 1st in MotoGP 2012 6th in MotoGP
2003 1st in MotoGP 2013 4th in MotoGP
2004 1st in MotoGP 2014 2nd in MotoGP
2005 1st in MotoGP 2015 2nd in MotoGP

(2)  A road racing team for MotoGP, organized by Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd in 1961 (Official team name as of 2016: Movistar Yamaha MotoGP)
(3)  The world’s premier class of motorcycle road racing, first organized as the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) in 1949, with main venues in Europe



President and Representative Director
Tsutomu Sugimori

We are glad to announce that we enter into a personal sponsorship agreement with Mr. Valentino Rossi, who is the super-star of the Two Wheels racing motorsport. I met him two years ago at the Grand Prix of Czech Republic and I witnessed how popular he is among motorsport racing enthusiasts.I was impressed when he came to our company Headquarters in Tokyo last year, before the Grand Prix of Japan, and I had great time talking to him about racing in general and especially about our racing oil and its performances.
Through the partnership with Mr. Rossi, the company will enhance the promotion of the ENEOS brand and its advanced technology in the global market.
We strongly believe that the collaboration between Mr. Rossi and our company will boost the awareness of our brand worldwide.
We look forward to another successful MotoGP season for Mr. Rossi and for ENEOS.

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi

I was honored to get the call from JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation and their request to become the worldwide ambassador for their brand.
ENEOS is a brand that I know well, because I have been racing with their logo on my YZR-M1 since 2013, but especially because in the last few years they have been working closely with Yamaha’s engineers to increase the performances of our engines.
I look forward to many great things together in the years ahead!

Racing Image

Mr. Rossi racing on YZR-M1

Mr. Rossi racing on YZR-M1