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The Formula Drift championship series returned across the border from Canada back to the United States. Round 6 was held at Evergreen Speedway on July 14 – 15 in the pacific northwest state of Washington.
Thursday’s practice proved challenging and Dai would struggle to find the right set-up all day. This continued at Friday’s practice leading up to qualifying. Dai would end up qualifying 20th and ensuring his entry into competition.

TOP 32: Yoshihara vs. Field

Fellow Falken Tire team mate Matt Field proved he had the speed and capability to win and proved in his lead run. Dai would stay close and lay down a text book follow. Then after the switch, Matt couldn’t keep proximity, forcing him to charge too hard and making him falter and spin out for the low. Dai advances to the top 16.

TOP 16: Yoshihara vs. Essa

Champion would face champion once again. Both drivers would make errors on their lead runs, forcing a OMT from the judges. The second run, both drivers would execute similar lead runs, but during their follow runs, Essa couldn’t keep proximity and had a noticeable correction in the end, giving the win to Dai.
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TOP 8: Yoshihara vs. Coffman

Coffman has been a rising star in the sport, but Dai kept it textbook and let his veteran skills shine in a perfect follow fun. With each run, Dai seemed to get more and more comfortable with the current set up and after the switch, he would drive an extremely fast lead run, forcing a major gap that Coffman couldn’t make up. Dai would advance yet again.

TOP 4: Yoshihara vs. Deane

Another fellow Falken Tires team mate match up again. James Deane, unlike the other, is currenty leading in points for the championship. After a standard follow run, Dai would lay down a strong lead run, but Deane wouldn’t allow him to run away. Even though Deane would make contact, the run would be close enough to merit a OMT.
The re-match had both competitors at their best, but during Dai’s follow run, a little over-rotation at the end would end up being the edge Deane would need to get the win. Dai’s loss would result in a 4th place finish for the event, and key tire manufacturer’s points for Falken Tire. Falken Tire drivers would also take 1st and 3rd place in Seattle.

Dai next competes at the Texas Motor Speedway on Sept 8 – 9 for the Showdown.

Season schedule:

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Long Beach, CA NC
Apr 28 – 29 Uncharted Territory
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Orlando, FL  3rd
May 12 – 13 Road to the Championship
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada  16th
Aug 4 – 5 Throwndown Monroe, WA  4th
Sep 8 – 9 Showdown Texas Motor Speedway
Oct 13 – 14 Title Fight Irwindale, CA

TV coverage: All Formula DRIFT rounds can be streamed live from or watched on delay on CBS Sports (see listings for details)

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