Photo: Larry Chen


“The track in Montreal was super tricky with the changing weather and temps which really affected the grip level. It was challenging to say the least, which I think was evident in all the wrecks.” – Dai Yoshiara

Dai next competes in Monroe, Washington on August 4th & 5th for the Throwndown.

Season schedule:

Mar 31 – Apr 1 Streets of Long Beach
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Long Beach, CA NC
Apr 28 – 29 Uncharted Territory
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Orlando, FL  3rd
May 12 – 13 Road to the Championship
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Atlanta, GA  16th
Jun 2 – 3 The Gauntlet
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Wall, NJ  7th
Jul 14 – 15 True North Montreal, Quebec, Canada  16th
Aug 4 – 5 Throwndown Monroe, WA
Sep 8 – 9 Showdown Texas Motor Speedway
Oct 13 – 14 Title Fight Irwindale, CA

TV coverage: All Formula DRIFT rounds can be streamed live from formulad.com/live or watched on delay on CBS Sports www.cbssports.com (see listings for details)

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