Dai Yoshihara Scores Podium Finish at 2019 Formula Drift Seattle

Round 5: Evergreen Speedway
Monroe, WA

July 19-20, 2019

Qualifying First Run Score: 91
Qualifying Second Run Score: 94
Qualified: 4th
Finished: 3rd

2019 Current Standing: 8th


TOP 32

Dai Yoshihara vs Austin Meeks

Dai pulls a large gap as he starts his lead run into the banked turn. As Austin tries to close the gap, he makes contact with the side of Dai’s BR-Z at the second outer zone. Dai was able to maintain his line and finish his strong lead run. Dai’s chase run was better overall than Austin’s, and Austin makes a few mistakes in the lead, enabling Dai to advance to the Top 16.



Dai Yoshihara vs “Odi” Bakchis

During Dai’s lead run, Odi makes contact with Dai coming off the bank, causing Odi to correct. Once again, Dai was able to hold his drift and finish his lead run. On Dai’s chase run, Odi was able to pull a gap on the banking, but Dai closed the gap by the end of the turn. Dai had a cleaner chase run and moved on to the Great 8 with an unanimous decision from the judges.



Dai Yoshihara vs Ken Gushi

Dai has a clean lead run, initiating high and keeping a high line throughout the banking. Ken runs a shallower line with less angle, but keeps good proximity to Dai throughout the run. On Dai’s chase run, he was able to chase Ken closely and held a better line on the bank, smoothly following Ken through the run. The battle resulted in OMT (One More Time) from the judges.

During the OMT battle, Dai’s line on his lead run is higher than Ken on the banking, but Ken kept close proximity throughout. As Dai took the chase position, Ken overshot as he exited the banking, resulting in an incomplete run and giving Dai the win.



Dai Yoshihara vs Piotr Wiecek

Wiecek leads the first run and was able to pull a gap with his amazing speeds. Dai was unable to close up the gap and although he had a strong lead run, Wiecek’s chase had surpassed Dai’s, giving the win to the Pole who would win the Final.

With Dai qualifying 4th, he was awarded third place and climbed on the podium for the award ceremony.