Countdown to SEMA: Looking Back at Previous ENEOS Feature Vehicles, Part 4

Not all cars are built to sit beneath the fluorescent lighting of a convention center hall. Some are meant to be driven, shred tires and look good doing it. For the 2017 SEMA Show, ENEOS took one of the Internet’s most popular drift cars out of its natural habitat and displayed it in the ENEOS booth at SEMA, where it still caused a commotion despite being stationary for an entire week.

The Twerkstallion, owned by Hertrech Eugene Jr, is an ‘88 Mazda RX-7 FC chassis and a major cast member of one of the Internet’s most outspoken media outlets: Hoonigan. Known for creating all kinds of content involving massive burnouts and driving madness, Hert earned his Hoonigan stripes early on as part of Animal Style – an American drift team that wows fans with entertaining yet aggressive driving, and his RX-7 is a perfect extension of his personality, having seen several changes throughout the years as his skills progressed.

From it front to rear bumpers, the RX-7 is hardcore drifter, modeled after styles originating in Japan. It’s low, adorned with wild graphics and features so much JDM aero components the average enthusiast would be scared to drive for fear of damaging anything.

Aesthetics aside, beneath the hood is all-American rotary power, built with loads of performance parts to make the 13B-REW sing — which, if you could hear its melodic “whop, whop”, is music to our ears.

Despite being showcased at the world’s largest automotive aftermarket convention, Hert proclaims his RX-7 is no show car: “From the very beginning, my sole intention was to make this a ‘smash’ car. People are always confused as to why I beat on it so much, but that’s what it was built for. If anything, it’s a testament to how dope and strong the RX-7 chassis is for taking my ass whoopings all these years!”

The Countdown to SEMA continues next week as we inch closer to the 2019 SEMA Show, which takes place November 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you’re attending the show, come and see the debut of Super Street’s Toyota Supra project in the ENEOS booth #24415 in Central Hall!