ENEOS products use the advanced technology developed in decades-long partnerships while creating factory fill fluids for Asian OEMs, including Acura. Our products are geared toward future vehicle requirements beyond current standards in North America.

ENEOS product Acura benefits/coverage
ENEOS IMPORT ATF | MODEL H Engineered for Acuras that require Honda ATF Type DW-1 or Z1 Genuine Fluid
ENEOS IMPORT CVTF | MODEL H Engineered for Acuras that require Honda CVT Type HCF-2 Genuine Fluid
ENEOS IMPORT DPS FLUID Engineered for Acuras that require Acura DPSF Genuine Fluid
ENEOS 0W-20 Suitable for hybrids and LEVs for excellent fuel economy
Meets API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards
ENEOS 5W-20 Minimized oil consumption when compared to higher viscosity oils
Meets API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards
ENEOS 5W-30 Excellent engine cleanliness and wear resistance proven in official lab results; meets API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards
ENEOS ECO ATF PLUS Fuel-efficient, low viscosity fluid that meets the needs of many Acura automatic transmissions
ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID Formulated to meet quality requirements for Acura CVTs

View our Oil Selector or your vehicle’s owner’s manual for information specific to your vehicle.

One of the greatest models to leave the Honda/Acura assembly line is the sporty Integra. Available in two- or four-door configurations, the coupe received the bulk of the attention. And as the more desirable alternative to the Honda Civic, it was the ideal platform for modifications, while its twin-cam VTEC engine would pave the way for one of the most popular Civic engine swaps.



With our approach tailored to each manufacturer, ENEOS has developed engine and transmission oils for the majority of car manufacturers throughout Japan and Asia. Each partnership begins with an invitation from an automotive manufacturer to develop vehicle-specific lubricants.

ENEOS provides:

  • In-house facilities that follow strategies developed with each OEM partner to meet its ideal oil specifications
  • Factory fill and/or service fill lubricants are supplied to the majority of vehicle manufacturers throughout Asia

ENEOS engine and transmission oils are designed to anticipate future requirements beyond current domestic standards. The result of our development helps to ensure vehicles leave the factory with the highest possible specification in terms of fuel economy, emissions, performance and durability. And ENEOS can provide the same standard of lubrication to help ensure peak performance throughout the vehicle’s life thanks to our range of service oils.

Our obsession with quality and innovation is more than just a statement – It’s why we’ve been trusted by OEMs for almost half a century.


In addition to its OEM partnerships, ENEOS has a long history of motorsports involvement at the highest level. This has allowed us to focus on engine and transmission oil development, which has been tested and proven under the harshest conditions. ENEOS has worked with the Honda Formula One Team, Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP team, as well as leading competitors in NASCAR, Super GT, World Rally, Rallycross, Formula DRIFT, World of Outlaws, and many more.

Through our ongoing motorsports involvement, ENEOS has been able to apply lessons learned on the track to improve our formulations for passenger vehicles in terms of power and protection at high temperatures and high RPM. We have also developed the ENEOS RACING Series oils for amateur and professional racing drivers to provide cold-start protection and extended high-temperature running while helping to increase power with low-friction formulations.