ENEOS “We Love Cars” Series 7: Acura Integra

One of the greatest models to leave the Honda/Acura assembly line is the sporty Integra. Available in two- or four-door configurations, the coupe received the bulk of the attention. And as the more desirable alternative to the Honda Civic, it was the ideal platform for modifications, while its twin-cam VTEC engine would pave the way for one of the most popular Civic engine swaps.

The Integra would later evolve into the RSX with its K-series engine, which became a popular swap for older Acura and Honda chassis, proving Honda’s engineers always have enthusiasts in mind.

There was considerable sadness when the RSX halted production in 2006, but fans rejoiced when Acura announced at a 2021 Monterey Car Week that the Integra would be returning. To say we’re excited is an extreme understatement!

Until that day arrives, we can continue to enjoy the existing B- and K-series performance, and using the right performance lubricants, like ENEOS Motor Oil, can help ensure your Integra will run strong and reliably for the duration of your ownership.

ENEOS Motor Oil is ideal for cars like the Acura Integra because its high-quality performance lubricants are developed with (and used by) the majority of Japan’s vehicle manufacturers, such as Acura. ENEOS motor oils utilize high-quality base oil and advanced additive technology to provide optimal protection against wear under the most extreme conditions, as well as reduced friction for superior performance and fuel savings.


One of the greatest Integra Type R builds has been resurrected by the person who originally gave it life: Jay Smith from ONE Honda Specialist. Describing it as “incredible” hardly does it justice. Projects like this should be protected with ENEOS Motor Oil, designed to provide the ultimate protection and performance. Using advanced technology, ENEOS is developed in partnership with the majority of Asia’s OEMs when creating factory-fill fluids for their cars.


This Integra sedan with its JDM front-end conversion is the definition of a clean OEM+ build. With any project, it’s crucial to use a proper synthetic motor oil designed to handle extreme conditions. ENEOS lubricants unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components.


USDM style in the land of JDM, built with Integra Type R power: extreme conversions like this should use ENEOS lubricants, engineered to keep it running strong and reliably for years to come.


Sometimes you don’t choose your project vehicle; it chooses you. Like this RSX that popped up while Jonathan Ortiz was searching for a DC2. Fate brought them together and it would eventually become the 532hp beast you see here. For enthusiasts equally obsessed with power, trust in OEM-quality ENEOS synthetic motor oil for the best protection and performance.



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