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ENEOS CVT Fluid line has been discontinued, but product is still available for purchase at some retailers. Although no longer in production, ENEOS CVT Fluid continues to provide the high quality and performance expected from ENEOS products.

ENEOS CVT Fluid is a unique transmission fluid designed for use in Continually Variable Transmissions.

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Category: SKU: 3084-300, 400, 110

ENEOS CVT Fluid is made from a well-balanced blend of premium additives and carefully selected base oils. The fluid provides maximum protection at the metal-to-metal contact points on the belt and pulleys, delivering long life and superior power transfer. ENEOS CVT Fluid is green to help distinguish its difference from typical ATF’s.

The most common type of CVT is the metal-belt Continuously Variable Transmission. ENEOS CVT Fluid is designed specifically for use in metal belt CVT’s. This design uses a V shaped metal belt that moves higher or lower along the sheaves of two pulleys as they move closer and further away from each other, changing the gear ratios. Proper frictional characteristics of the lubricant are crucial to the operation of the CVT, as the lubricant must provide proper film strength between the belt and pulleys and insure efficient energy transfer.

ENEOS CVT Fluid meets the performance requirements of CV transmissions requiring Nissan NS-2, Nissan NS-1, Mitsubishi CVT Fluid J1, Honda CVT Fluid and other metal belt CV transmissions. ENEOS CVT Fluid can be used in metal-belt type CVTs including those built by Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi.

Appearance Green
Density (15°C) g/cm3 D5052 0.853
Flash point (COC) °C D92 205
Kinematic viscosity
(40°C) mm2/s D445 32.62
(100°C) mm2/s D445 7.34
Viscosity index D2270 201
Brookfield viscosity (–40°C) mPa-s D2983 8660
Pour point °C D97 -53
TAN mgKOH/g D664 0.59
TBN (HCl method) mgKOH/g D4739 1.65
Copper strip corrosion (100°C, 3 h) ??
Aniline point °C D661 110
Foaming prevention, ml/ml Seq. I D892 0/0
Seq. II D892 20/00
Seq. III D892 0/0

Revised 10/14

For complete safety information, view our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) [download PDF].