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ENEOS ATF Type SP transmission fluid has been discontinued, but product is still available for purchase at some retailers. Although no longer in production, ENEOS ATF Type SP continues to provide the high quality and performance expected from ENEOS products.

ENEOS ATF TYPE SP is an automatic transmission fluid specifically developed to meet the requirements for the ATF SP-III specification. This fluid also meets the requirements for ATF SP-II and SP-II M. ATF SP-III type fluid is the most common ATF used in Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi transmissions.

Category: SKU: 3110-300

Outstanding Friction Characteristics and Antishudder Protection
Thanks to its well-balanced blend of carefully selected additives, ENEOS ATF TYPE SP has outstanding friction characteristics and excellent shifting performance when used in automatic transmissions requiring ATF SP-III Fluid. As a result, gear shifting is smoother with less shock. The fluid also has superb, long-lasting antishudder protection.

Excellent Compatibility with Transmission Materials
The friction modifiers and other additives in ENEOS ATF TYPE SP have been carefully selected to be compatible with rubber, nylon, and plastic materials used in the components of automatic transmissions.

Provides Top-Class ATF Performance
The carefully balanced blend of high-performance base oils and selected additives used in ENEOS ATF TYPE SP ensures superior performance in all functions required of ATF SP-III fluid, including low-temperature flow, oxidation resistance, antiwear performance, shear stability and foam prevention.

Automobiles with automatic transmissions recommending ATF SP-III, SP-II, & SP-II M, commonly used Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi vehicles.

ENEOS ECO-ATF Type SP Typical Properties

For complete safety information, view our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) [download PDF].