ENEOS RACING PRO Motor Oil was developed for extreme racing conditions, providing high oxidation and temperature stability while preventing sludge build-up.

Our unique formulation unlocks superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components. Unique Mo-DTC and ZDDP additives optimally blended help offer superior lubrication, power and protection at a wider range of temperatures than most racing oils. With RACING PRO 10W-50, our 50:50 Ester mix provides exceptional wear protection, extra high horsepower, and further anti-oxidation stability.

ENEOS RACING PRO has been formulated to provide relentless performance for serious professionals.

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To achieve extreme horsepower for racing, ENEOS RACING PRO 0W-20 fully synthetic motor oil uses ultra-low viscosity oil (“Ultra Low Vis”) as its base oil. The MoDTC molybdenum tech additive is combined at just the right blend to reduce friction between metal components. The combination provides racing vehicles with an added advantage from acceleration to top speed.

ENEOS - Racing Pro - 10W-50


ENEOS RACING PRO 10W-50 uses a 50:50 combination of Ester and low viscosity fully synthetic base oil that provides extra-high horsepower, ensuring ultimate performance for properties including anti-wear, low oil consumption, exceptional oxidation stability, engine component cleanliness, and outstanding rust and corrosion protections.

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