ENEOS RACING PRO Motor Oil was developed for extreme racing conditions, providing high oxidation and temperature stability while preventing sludge build-up.

Our unique formulation unlocks superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components. Unique Mo-DTC and ZDDP additives optimally blended help offer superior lubrication, power and protection at a wider range of temperatures than most racing oils. With RACING PRO 10W-50, our 50:50 Ester mix provides exceptional wear protection, extra high horsepower, and further anti-oxidation stability.

ENEOS RACING PRO has been formulated to provide relentless performance for serious professionals.

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ENEOS - Racing Pro - 10W-50


ENEOS RACING PRO 10W-50 uses a 50:50 combination of Ester and low viscosity fully synthetic base oil that provides extra-high horsepower, ensuring ultimate performance for properties including anti-wear, low oil consumption, exceptional oxidation stability, engine component cleanliness, and outstanding rust and corrosion protections.

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