ENEOS Motor Oil has confirmed its Contingency Program for the 2022 Global Time Attack (GTA) series to support teams and drivers.

The 2022 ENEOS Motor Oil Contingency Program offers free oil and cash prizes per class, per round (first place $200, second place $100) to the top two (2) cars displaying ENEOS logo decals. All participants in the program will receive complimentary oil, calculated for up to 10 oil changes (< 60 quarts; equivalent to two oil changes per round) dependent upon the number of rounds entered.

NOTE: Oil will be provided at track by Jason Dienhart. If application is not received at least two weeks prior to each race, oil may not be available at the race, but will be made available at subsequent races, or if possible, will be sent to the team’s address. Oil not collected at racetrack will not be re-shipped.

Teams that require additional ENEOS oil for their vehicles, shop, etc, will be able to obtain it at a generously discounted rate.

There is no entry fee required for participation in the ENEOS Motor Oil Contingency Program. Any driver, owner and/or team competing in GTA is qualified to enter the ENEOS Motor Oil Contingency Program.

Rules and restrictions apply, please review the rules below.

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1. Program Name

2022 ENEOS Motor Oil Contingency Program

2. Program Summary

This is an optional contingency awards program: Participation in the 2022 GTA series entitles the driver’s/owner’s/team’s to be eligible for the 2022 season only.

3. Covered Events

All 2022 Global Time Attack events, including Super Lap Battle COTA.

4. Registration Requirements

  • Registration is required for this ENEOS Motor Oil Contingency Program prior to applicable event day(s).
  • Registrants will remain in this program for the remainder of the calendar year.
  • REGISTRATIONS AT AN EVENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Only registrations using the below link will be accepted.
  • All registrants will be required to provide a W9 in order to receive any cash award payout. A representative from ENEOS Motor Oil will contact the Registrant for this information.
  • Register here: www.eneos.us/gta

5. Decal Requirements

  • Decals will be provided by ENEOS, to be placed on either both front doors or front fenders and/or hood (front half of the car)
  • Registrants are required to affix ENEOS decals to their registered competition car according to qualify for the program
  • Decals must be placed neatly on the registered race vehicle prior to the official start of the event. Failure to do so will result in automatic forfeiture of any ENEOS awards for that respective event.

6. Vehicle Eligibility for Awards

  • Eligible vehicles include any registered GTA competition car that also completes registration with ENEOS Motor Oil
  • Registrants must enter and run the required ENEOS Motor Oil decals
  • Registrants must inform GTA officials at each round of their participation in the program for verification.

7. Class Eligibility for Awards

  • Eligible vehicles must be entered in one of the five GTA competition classes: Enthusiast, Street, Limited, Unlimited, and Pro/Comp Classes.
  • At each round, each driver/owner/team should notify GTA officials that they are part of the ENEOS Motor Oil contingency program. GTA will communicate finishing positions to ENEOS Motor Oil for prize allocation provided registration has been completed and decals are in place

8. Award Information

  • Per event award payouts are for the top two finishing and registered driver/owner/team in eligible GTA vehicles for each event (based on vehicle eligibility described in section 6 and 7), and paid out according to the payout schedule listed below.
  • The participant’s finish position is based on his/her position in the official event results relative to all other registered and eligible GTA participants in this program, in any class. For example, if a driver finishes third in the event’s overall standings, but is the highest finishing registered competition car in their class, he/she will receive the position one (1) ENEOS Motor Oil contingency event award payout.
  • Any penalties, disqualifications, or class changes levied by series or event officials on any program entrant will be applied to finish classifications at the sole discretion of ENEOS Motor Oil.
  • Awards may be withheld if event results are not confirmed by series or event officials or a protest or inquiry is presented.
  • The award check, of the appropriate amount, will be mailed to the address on record, payable to the registered driver or team owner. Award checks shall be mailed within 15 business days after the conclusion of an event and shall be mailed by USPS
  • The top two (2) cars with ENEOS decals per class, per round, receive cash prizes (first $200/second $100)
  • No bonus prizes awarded

9. Event Payout Schedule

  • ENEOS Motor Oil will issue a payment request for class winners four (4) weeks after required documents are received
  • Once payment is approved, it will take approximately one week to issue a check


First Second
Per class, per round $200 $100