Yoshihara Finishes Top 8 at Formula Drift Texas

Round 7: Texas Motor Speedway

Fort Worth, TX

September 13-14, 2019

Qualifying 1st Run Score: 0

Qualifying 2nd Run Score: 93

Qualified: 9th

Finished: 7th

2019 Current Standing: 8th


TOP 32

Dai Yoshihara vs Kevin Lawrence

On the first run, Dai led while Kevin followed on a more shallow line. On Dai’s chase, Kevin created a gap, which Dai was able to close by Outside Zone 3. Both drivers ran strong lead and chase runs with minimal mistakes, resulting in a One More Time (OMT) battle.

During the OMT, Dai had another strong lead run as Kevin followed closely behind. While chasing, Kevin ran off track after Outer Zone 1, giving him an incomplete score for his lead run, allowing Dai to advance to the Top 16.

TOP 16

Dai Yoshihara vs Michael Essa

Dai chased Michael closely throughout the course on the first run. On his lead run, Dai filled the zones more than Michael did, and created a gap after exiting Outer Zone 1, maintaining it to the finish line. The judges vote unanimously for Dai, sending him to the Great 8.


Dai Yoshihara vs James Deane

When following James, Dai made a small mistake in Outer Zone 1, creating a gap that he wouldn’t be able to close until the finish line. Dai had a good lead run, but James followed closely and with more proximity. James advanced while Dai finished his weekend in seventh place.


The next round is the season finale at Irwindale Raceway for the traditional showdown to crown the 2019 Formula DRIFT Champion on October 18-19.