“Why I Choose ENEOS” With Faruk Kugay

For pro drift racer and ENEOS ambassador Faruk Kugay, there are countless reasons why he chooses ENEOS Motor Oil for his personal fleet of vehicles and customers’ cars. At his shop – DevSpeed in Sonoma, CA – it doesn’t matter whether he’s working on his Prius daily driver, a customer’s 9-second 2020 Supra, or his 1000hp pro drift Nissan S14, ENEOS performance lubricants are Faruk’s go-to choice.

Not only does ENEOS develop oils in conjunction with the majority of Japan’s leading automotive manufacturers, but those OEMs demand the highest protection and performance. Furthermore, ENEOS develops products for use in global motorsports series, all of which require vehicles to perform at their highest levels.

So, while ENEOS fulfills all his high performance needs, the truth of the matter is quite simple; Faruk chooses ENEOS because he loves his cars — all the more reason for you to choose ENEOS if you love your cars, too!

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