Acura Integra Project - Dai Yoshihara

VIDEO: Dai Yoshihara Provides Inside Look at 2023 Acura Integra Project

With the iconic Integra returning to the 2023 Acura model lineup, it’s fair to say the reception from enthusiasts and the media has been decidedly lukewarm. Many people were hoping for something more distinctive or even reminiscent of the last generation DC2 chassis.

So, while the latest four-door version may take a while to win our hearts, ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara was selected by Acura to create a vision of his ideal Integra. The hope was that Dai’s interpretation might convert doubters into believers by inspiring potential new owners.

Using ‘90s inspiration and with the help with Evasive Motorsports, Dai found the right sauce to build an inspirational 2023 Integra. Watch here:

Photo: Joey Lee