Super Street 2018 Show Car Shootout Presented By ENEOS Oil

Earlier this year, ENEOS supported Super Street Magazine for its annual Show Car Shootout. The popular editorial event invites owners of “show” cars with limited track experience to bring them to a racetrack. The owners are divided into two teams and each has an expert ENEOS instructor to provide tips and pointers. The instructors themselves are assessed on the improvements made by each owner, making it a fun event for all concerned.

The two ENEOS ambassadors were 2011 Formula DRIFT Champion Daijiro Yoshihara and Loenbro Motorsports/Hoonigan Rallycross driver Steve Arpin. Both enjoyed the experience tremendously, and the action has been captured in an entertaining 5min video on the Super Street Facebook page. You can view the video below.

Super Street Magazine will run a full article on its Show Car Shootout on its website and in a future print issue. The article will delve deeper into the on-track battles and where each driver improved. It will also look in more detail at the “show” cars brought to the event by each driver.

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