When Super Street Magazine transformed this stock 2001 Honda S2000, they took a great car and created something on a whole new level. And they accomplished this build in five days, or the roughly 120 hours referenced in this “Week to Wicked” project.

“Week to Wicked”

The concept is not unique to Super Street. Originally, it was used by domestic brands under the parent Motor Trend Group umbrella, including their truck group, Mustang staff, and others. For Super Street to pick up the baton for JDM builds is an intriguing proposition. And who isn’t excited to see an already-agile convertible sports couple transformed into a souped-up track competitor featuring top of the line products?

S2000 Result

The project build documentation features all the steps and gear used in creating the Super Street ideal S2000, including ditching the stock suspension, wheels, and tires, as well as the massive, one-piece exhaust system, and introducing a power adder to the stock F20C. An ultra-light Seibon Dry Carbon custom hood and trunk were added to further tweak its performance and add to the look.
Of course, this new S2000 would not be complete without the right engine oil, supplied from our new ENEOS RACING Series line, ENEOS STREET 0W-20, formulated by our R&D experts who create everything from factory fill lubricants for all the major Japanese auto makers to race teams all over the world. STREET 0W-20 was designed for vehicles transitioning between street and track use, with a formula using special additives in just the right blend to provide extra power during starts and slowdowns. Early partner feedback indicates the product has already far exceeded expectations; STREET 0W-20 runs cleaner than other leading oils, protecting components with little to no burn-off, even after multiple intense hours-long sessions.

After a few pulls, the final project car registered 260 wheel horsepower, about a 70whp increase over the stock output. More important is the driveability, including a much broader power curve and handling.
Check out the entire build, including the ENEOS pour, on the Super Street website.
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Day 3 – featuring the ENEOS pour
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Images and content courtesy of Super Street