Second Place for the ENEOS X PRIME GR Supra at Fuji Super GT

The second round of Super GT — the Takanokono Hotel FUJI GT 500km RACE — took place during Golden Week on May 3-4, 2021 at Fuji Speedway, where the No.14 ENEOS X PRIME GR Supra, driven by Kazuya Oshima and Kenta Yamashita for TGR Team ENEOS ROOKIE, took home second place, keeping their position on top in the championship rankings.

As the home circuit for Toyota, it was the first time since 2019 that a Super GT race was held at Fuji, and a great chance to see the GR Supra in action, along with the new GR 86 sibling out on display at the event plaza. During session Q1, Yamashita (who holds a Fuji lap record) led the GR Supra pack with a best lap of 1:27.176, even with an additional 88lbs of Success Weight after their season-opening win at Okayama.

The long 500km finals consisted of 110 laps, and the ENEOS X PRIME GR Supra started from sixth on the grid. Yamashita skillfully climbed his way through the pack through two FCYs, making repeated attempts to overtake the lead vehicle, the No.17 Astemo NSX-GT while preventing the No.37 KeePer TOM’S GR Supra from advancing past third. Despite the long fought battle, Yamashita and Oshima took a second place podium, maintaining TGR Team ENEOS ROOKIE’s lead by nine points over Koudai Tsukakoshi and Bertrand Baguette in the Astemo NSX-GT.

I’d hoped we’d win two consecutive events,” said Oshima, “But after the first and second stints, it was good to be able to come up to second and keep the top ranking. The success weight will be more severe after the next race, so I’ll try my best not to make mistakes and miss valuable points.

From winning the opening round to finishing second, we’re not doing too bad,” Yamashita said. “But if the success weight’s going to be very heavy then things will become difficult. I’m going to continue doing my best to aim for the championship.


Round 3 of Super GT takes place on May 29-30 at Suzuka Circuit, located in Suzuka City in the Mie Prefecture. (*currently postponed)