Best Quote: “With some engine oils, it seems like every two weeks it needs an additive, but not with ENEOS.”

Classification: Online retailer with racing components
Motto: “Factory parts without the dealer prices. The parts your car deserves.” 
Owner: Tim Bevan
Partner: Rachel Bevan
Location: Business is online only for now (parts counter is coming soon); warehouse is located outside Dallas, Texas
Opened in: 2007

How did the business get started?
It started as a hobby from Bevan’s passion for Merkur, a sports coupe manufactured by Ford but assembled in Germany. Merkurs were only made for about five years and sold in the US for four, and parts were hard to come by, so Bevan found himself reaching out the manufacturer to get parts for himself and fellow Merkur enthusiasts. Eventually, they asked if he could sell other parts, and the business grew from there to a feature a wide variety of German and Asian OEM parts and aftermarket accessories.

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How did you first become interested in cars? 
“Dad raced cars part time before I was born. He raced an Austin Healy Sprite (bug eyed sprite), a Mazda RX7, and a Corvette. When I was young I helped dad in his shop, and my interest picked up during my teen years. “
What sets you apart from others? 
“I live my work 24/7. My main warehouse is currently on my property, although we’re expanding and just broke ground on a new warehouse. I enjoy cars, and own many, but with the business I do a lot of volume, which makes me more focused on it. 
What (or who) do you feel was instrumental to getting you where you are?
“Lots of hard work… getting a lot of the OEMs and distributors to have faith in my dream. My dad, the way he is and who he has been to me. My wife, Rachel, who has supported the business personally and professionally, and keeps encouraging me to take it to the next level. My partners, who helped develop my game plan, including setting up shipping automation, opening up certain channels like better shipping rates. And now, thanks to them, I sell to local and national chain shops.”
What are some little-known facts about you and the business?
“Sometimes I wish people knew I am a one man show so they’d cut me some slack, but usually, I don’t mind that people don’t realize how small my operation is.”  
“I think a lot of people don’t know what an auto enthusiast I am. When I’m not working 10 hour days, I’m out tinkering on cars.”
“I want people to find the right parts. I’d rather see old cars driving down the street than new.”

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On using ENEOS:

When did you start using ENEOS products?
“Three years ago after (learning about it at) SEMA, in 2013 or 2014.”
Which ENEOS products do you use?
ENEOS Fully Synthetic Motor Oil and ENEOS Transmission Fluid
What specifically have you noticed about using ENEOS products?
In my Nissan and Honda, I use ENEOS 5W-30 . When I started using, I noticed a much crisper idle, the engine sounded better with no valve ticking. It really helped when the vehicle was freshened up. When you are taking a vehicle to a 9,000 RPM redline (like for racing), you are going to put something in it you trust. “
“In my Miata, I’ve used ENEOS for several years. I’ve noticed it doesn’t have any ticking or a lot of things that are common in other cars with high miles. With some engine oils, it seems like every two weeks it needs an additive, but not with ENEOS.”

When did you start racing cars and how did it evolve?
“I have been racing cars for 15 years and first became interested from my dad, who also raced cars. I’ve raced with teams of 4 – 6 people and in all types of races: low budget, lemons, WRL, SCCA.”
Do you participate in local shows and rallies? 
“I participate in local BMW, Porsche or Skyline clubs.  I’m also involved in local shows and events, from small car clubs in the park, to bigger events such as Wanna Go Fast, and Cars and Coffee. I’m involved in a lot of organizing and sponsoring, and usually give out the Best in Class or Best in Show awards. Something different about my participation is I usually pick a different car (to win) than most would.”  
What is something you’ve learned from racing? 
“Spinning out at 100 mph! Not so good.”
What is a favorite moment for you in your career?
“5-6 years ago, I was in Daytona with my dad to see a 24-hour sports car race. Someone walked by wearing an OEM Part Haus t-shirt. I had to stop him because it was so unexpected, and he said he was a fan. That was a very rewarding experience!”

Thanks Tim Bevan/OEM Part Haus for your inspiring story, passion for the automotive industry, and for being ENEOS People!

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