JX Nippon Oil & Energy, creator of ENEOS, has announced a new product series that will debut at the 2017 SEMA Show. ENEOS RACING Series, featuring the product lines ENEOS RACING PRO and ENEOS RACING STREET are the latest motor oils from one of Japan’s oldest companies, which has applied its 130-year expertise to formulate the new products.

The company has long-established OEM relationships and much of its engine oil formulation is done in collaboration with the leading Japanese automotive manufacturers to provide the latest engines with the most efficient and protective lubrication solutions. It also works with racing partners around the world, and the new ENEOS RACING Series motor oils are intended to provide professional and amateur racers with a “secret advantage” for maximum velocity on the track.


  • New ENEOS RACING Series PRO and STREET motor oils
  • ENEOS RACING PRO available in 10W-50 and 0W-20
  • ENEOS RACING STREET available in 0W-50 and 0W-20
  • ENEOS RACING PRO aimed at professional racers and track day enthusiasts
  • ENEOS RACING PRO oil intended for GT racing to drift, sprint, stock car, rally, formula racers and drag racing
  • ENEOS RACING STREET aimed at enthusiasts who drive to the track
  • ENEOS RACING STREET intended for every type of motorsport, including drift, stock car, rally, drag racing, autocross, Time Attack and more
  • New ENEOS RACING PRO and STREET motor oils are designed to be stable at high temperatures
  • Series products resist oxidation, sludge and give superior cold start protection
  • The motor oil Series uses technology developed in collaboration with major Japanese OEMs


The new ENEOS RACING PRO motor oil line was developed for the most extreme racing conditions. It has been formulated to provide relentless performance for serious professionals. For example, it boasts superior temperature stability under hard use and will prevent sludge build-up, which is the enemy of high-performance engines.
The unique formulation of the ENEOS RACING PRO motor oil line will unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures, while providing the top level of protection to the critical engine components. This is achieved in part thanks to the inclusion of special Mo-DTC and ZDDP additives, which were developed to protect OEM applications and deliver the protection that is required under racing conditions.
The intended users of ENEOS RACING PRO are teams and drivers competing in everything from GT racing to drift, sprint, stock car, rally, formula racers and drag racing.
ENEOS RACING PRO motor oil will initially be available in two weights: 10W-50 and 0W-20. The 10W-50 uses a 50:50 combination of Ester and low-viscosity fully synthetic base oil. This is designed to deliver consistent film thickness under extreme conditions, excellent anti-oxidation properties and outstanding cold-start performance. It also helps to ensure extra horsepower delivery compared to equivalent oils, while ensuring anti-wear, engine cleanliness and anti-corrosion properties. Users will also see low oil consumption with this product.
ENEOS RACING PRO 0W-20 motor oil is based on an ultra-low viscosity oil with the MoDTC molybdenum additive to greatly reduce friction, providing vehicles with an advantage in horsepower and acceleration.


The new ENEOS RACING STREET motor oil is advanced, fully synthetic engine oils designed to exceed general synthetic oil in every aspect; from using a higher quality base oil to employing a premium mix of additives, which were developed in collaboration with all the major Japanese automakers. As a result, ENEOS RACING STREET was designed to maximize horsepower while offering oil film retention, oxidation stability and anti-wear properties under high temperatures and pressure. This formulation provides maximum horsepower and engine protection for racing applications, but has API approval for street use. This makes ENEOS RACING STREET perfect for all levels of motorsport as well as weekend warriors who drive to and from the track.
As with ENEOS RACING PRO, ENEOS RACING STREET is aimed at every type of motorsport, including drift, stock car, rally, drag racing, autocross, Time Attack and more racing series where owners drive their street cars on the track.
ENEOS RACING STREET motor oil will be available in two weights: 0W-50 and 0W-20 to suit modern, high-performance engines used in street and track applications. The 0W-50 utilizes 100% PAO (poly alpha-olefin) fully synthetic base oil. This gives the product incredibly high performance in comparison to general synthetic base oils, with fast start-up and superior engine component protection. The result is high-quality race oil with API approval for street use.
Similarly, the ENEOS RACING STREET 0W-20 motor oil contains advanced technology to minimize friction at engine start, under all weather conditions and at high temperatures. The product uses the ENEOS Group 3+ base oil, which is particularly suited to cold starts in colder temperatures, yet will also protect during multiple hot starts at the racetrack. The MoDTC molybdenum additive provides a noticeable reduction in component friction. It is well suited to racing conditions where explosive force can be applied from engine start, as well as sudden shut down. The ENEOS RACING STREET 0W-20 is also perfect for short tracks and courses, where frequent cornering can stress components without necessarily reaching ultra-high temperatures.


ENEOS RACING Series motor oils will be available in March 2018. More information, including updates as they become available, can be found at: www.eneos.us/racing-series/