JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy, creators of ENEOS, are releasing a new design for the top tier, high performance motor oil and transmission fluids for which they are famous. Starting this spring, the bottles containing many ENEOS products will have a fresh, globally-unified look.

To achieve the update, the organization facilitated a conceptual design process, where the principals of the product, company, and history were carefully considered in relation to graphic visualization.
At the onset, it was proposed: “We should consult the past if we want to learn about the future.”
As a company based in Japan, but with a global presence, JXTG looked to its cultural origination for insight. Historically, Japan has a rich background of artisan expertise and craftsmanship. It is said the Japanese spirit is embodied with qualities such as precision, diligence, obsession, substance, and fortitude.
These concepts have been traditionally employed in the production of ENEOS, the creators of which constantly strive to provide the highest, artisanal-quality motor oils which provide an added advantage of exceptional protection, better mileage, and increase in horsepower for its users.
The name ENEOS itself was created by combining E from “energy,” and NEOS, Greek for “new.” The word “Nippon,” as used in the company’s name, means “Japan” and, linguistically, “the sun’s origin.” The most consistently reliable energy source on our planet is the sun, and as the land of the rising sun, the spirit of Japan and the earth’s fiery star are a guide to follow this source of “Ultimate Energy” as an inspiration for all aspects of ENEOS, from its creation, to its people, to its performance.
The sun connects the earth to energy as well as to past and future. This “Ultimate Energy” is embodied by the familiar ENEOS swirling orange circles lit with a blazing energy against a dark backdrop, evocative of the sun rising in darkness.

“As a producer of top quality, high performance motor oil, we’re happy to present a new expression of our product that embodies the best of our brand and ties our history to an exciting future,” said Motoshi Sunami, President & CEO of JX Nippon Oil & Energy, USA. “We feel this bold new look will further reinforce the outstanding nature of our products and embody our philosophy of ‘Ultimate Energy’.”

The new bottle design has already been shared on the ENEOS website, social media, at the 2017 SEMA and AAPEX shows, and other communications in North America, in anticipation of the production launch at the end of March, with new bottles to be appearing in stores beginning in April.

OEM Story

JXTG is a long-time supplier of products to Japanese auto makers, using in-house research and technology to create synthetic motor oil and transmission fluids in conjunction with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), specifically designing lubricants for the tighter tolerances of Asian vehicles. Reducing the viscosity of motor oil without losing performance and protection is another long-term project, conceived in collaboration with OEMs and providing an assist to global standards organization such as the American Petroleum Institute. Working individually with racing teams and their OEMs to create engine oils that provide a “secret advantage” for their drivers is another story behind ENEOS. JXTG creates high performance products that are trusted for use in factory fill of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.