Faruk Kugay’s 2JZ-powered Jaguar E-Type at the ENEOS booth, 2023 SEMA Show

Monster ENEOS Builds Shine at SEMA Show 2023

ENEOS typically brings the heat to the SEMA Show with crazy builds, but we went full send for 2023 with not one but three intense display vehicles to showcase builders who enjoy pushing beyond the boundaries of what can be done with customization.

ENEOS booth models with Faruk Kugay’s 2JZ-powered Jaguar, 2023 SEMA Show
Beneath the hood of Faruk Kugay’s 1969 Jaguar, a 750hp 2JZ!

Staged at the main ENEOS booth was the latest Frankenstein build from Team ENEOS driver, Faruk Kugay, who completed a three-year theme of mating a Japanese engine with a European chassis. He took a sexy ‘69 Jaguar E-Type XKE 2+2 coupe in need of restoration and reshaped its curves with wider 3D-printed fenders — but the real neck-breaker is the addition of a 750hp Toyota 2JZ-GTE, an engine set up similarly to his Formula DRIFT PROSPEC competition car. This is how you wildly reinterpret a classic.

Ashley Robinson’s twin Honda powered Nissan 350Z, 2023 SEMA Show
Front engine setup of Ashley Robinson’s twin Honda powered Nissan 350Z, 2023 SEMA Show
Rear engine setup of Ashley Robinson’s twin Honda powered Nissan 350Z, 2023 SEMA Show

Positioned front and center (literally) at the entrance of the Central Hall was the winner of the ENEOS x Pit+Paddock SEMA Show Car Contest, Ashley Robinson’s 2003 Nissan 350Z, the build that single-handedly stopped everyone in their tracks. Nevermind its widebody, exoskeletal appearance — it was the two turbocharged Honda K24 engines that sent social media into an absolute frenzy. A freaky build in the best, controversial way!

Steve Lam, owner of RPM Off-Road Garage, with his Land Cruiser 79 at the 2023 SEMA Show

Across the way from Ashley’s Z is the sort of thing truck lovers go nutty for, if you know what you’re looking at. Behold, RPM Off-Road Garage’s Land Cruiser 79, which combines a 70 Series body and 80 Series chassis for the ultimate overlanding/off-roading rig that stays true to its global Land Cruiser roots.

Team ENEOS (L-R): Simen Olsen, Odi Bakchis, Dai Yoshihara, Fredric Aasbo, Faruk Kugay, 2023 SEMA Show
APEX’i GR86, piloted by ENEOS ambassador Hana Burton and Maaya Orido, 2023 SEMA Show

Additional ENEOS ambassador and vehicle sightings around the 2023 SEMA Show included the Team ENEOS autograph signing at the ENEOS booth, Hana Burton and Maaya Orido’s GR86 project in collaboration with APEX’i at the OS Giken booth, a ‘97 Lexus LX 80 Series by RPM Off-Road Garage at the outdoor Turn 14 booth, the 2023 FD PROSPEC Championship winning S14 by Feal Suspension, and Rodney Esteban’s slammed Toyota Sienna.

Rodney Esteban’s Toyota Sienna, 2023 SEMA Show
Feal Suspension’s 2023 PROSPEC Championship winning Nissan S14, 2023 SEMA Show

Take a quick run through all the ENEOS vehicles spotted at the 2023 SEMA Show: