Albert Wong from LA Car mentioned us in a post about our motorsports partner, Kyle Larson, on Facebook:

Wong said:

“When we were growing up, a group of us wanted to be racing car drivers. We all had our own idol or hero. At around the age of 8-10, we collected stickers and patches to put on our bicycles and jackets. Very few of us made it to become real race car drivers. Although few though none of us has the talent or skills of a racer, we’ve never forgotten motorsports or our hero.
Maybe we can’t be a racer, but we can look like one. And we’re buying our favorite driver’s merchandise and using his sponsors’ products (I cop to using ENEOS engine oil, which I swear gives me better engine protection, more performance and better gas mileage).
Today, we’re following a new generation of drivers. For many, Kyle Larson is the favorite racer among us. He’s a very talented and successful USAC midget and sprint car racer. Kyle is currently racing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series and in some Xfinity races. Be sure to watch him at Auto Club Speedway’s NASCAR event at Fontana next weekend.
Kyle, by the way, is also a race car team owner. He is paying back the luck in his early career to help drivers to be winners as well as racers.”

We agree with the opinions about our partner Kyle Larson, and it’s always nice to hear good things from users of our products!

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