0W-20 oil pour

Keep Your Vehicle Factory Fresh with the Right Motor Oil

One of the first lessons most gearheads learn is that fluids are the lifeblood of a car. Some like to joke that a clean car runs better, which is a nebulous notion, but a vehicle with fresh fluids most definitely helps it to operate at peak efficiency and performance.

Along the path of ownership, more than a few owners will utilize off-brand or non-OEM products either out of necessity or convenience or simply because a sticker on the bottle assured five extra horsepower. Pro tip: those promised ponies are often more fictional than a fairy tale story. That’s why companies like ENEOS supply products intended to reset a car to its factory performance.

That’s not a bad thing. After all, automakers shovel untold cubic acres of time and money into developing vehicles, employing engineers and technologists whose sole job is to get a car’s engine to optimal conditions before it is put on sale to the general public. Maintaining that standard is a sure-fire way to know your vehicle is operating precisely as designed especially if, as an enthusiast, you’ve added a few performance parts in the perpetual quest for speed.


ENEOS stands as the premiere oil company in Japan, headquartered in Tokyo and trusted by a number of OEMs for factory fill duties. An enormous number of vehicles roll off Japanese assembly lines with fluids from ENEOS running through their systems. For example, automakers are increasingly recommending, or even outright requiring, low viscosity 0W-20 synthetic oil in the engines of many different models. If you are curious about why this is, be sure to watch the video below.

Low viscosity oil is an excellent choice for owners who wish to maintain performance and maximize the longevity of their vehicle’s engine while also reducing their impact on the environment. The 0W-20 full synthetic oil from ENEOS is a great example of fluid designed to deliver outstanding protection while keeping up with factory OEM standards. Its formula permits improved lubrication compared to other oils of this sort and reduces friction between moving parts, helping to prolong engine life.

It also helps that ENEOS is an R&D partner to Japanese automakers, gaining access to vehicle specs most oil makers don’t enjoy. Think of them as your buddy in high school who always had the answers to next week’s math exam. By knowing exactly what is required of an engine, using specs and regs right from the manufacturer, ENEOS can develop fluids to help a car operate at its peak. On the flip side of that equation, numerous Japanese companies have actually called upon ENEOS to help develop lubricant specifications, meaning the brand is literally writing the book on maintenance and care for some models. In those cases, it’s not just like having the answers to next week’s math exam, it’s like actually creating the questions yourself. Talk about having an advantage.


And ENEOS uses that advantage wisely. They know vehicle needs better than most companies, providing exceptionally crafted proprietary fluids which meet the needs of vehicle owners in addition to factory fill requirements sent directly to manufacturers. In fact, OEM partnerships are at the heart of its research and development efforts, distinguished by a tailored approach to lubricant development for car manufacturers across Japan and Asia. These alliances typically start with a special invitation from an automotive manufacturer – not every oil company has this type of access.

Tasked with the creation of vehicle-specific lubricants, ENEOS uses its advanced in-house testing facilities whilst operating in close cooperation with each OEM partner to not only meet but exceed the oil specification benchmarks set out before them. These types of partnerships have been fostered over the last five decades, building a level of trust and respect between ENEOS and OEMs of which other fluid companies can only wistfully dream.


This work extends beyond the factory, as ENEOS is not only tasked with factory fill duties but also lends this expertise and experience to the service fill industry. This means shops and garages that select ENEOS lubricants for jobs are helping their customer’s vehicles achieve the highest standards in fuel economy, emissions, performance, and longevity – just as they would from the factory. A relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in lubrication technology has earned ENEOS confidence from automotive manufacturers for five decades; smart garage owners can leverage this accomplishment to provide world-class service to their customers.

Whether you’re a DIYer and weekend racer or the manager of a shop specializing in Japanese performance, ENEOS can help ensure the machine on which you are working is serviced with exceptional products to help keep vehicles running as the manufacturer intended. Backed by well over a century of experience, ENEOS can help maintain as-new conditions.

Reset your car to factory performance? Seems that ENEOS has the right approach, after all.


Repost of article originally featured April 23rd, 2024 on Autoguide.com