ENEOS People: JSpec Performance

We spoke with Lap Li, Manager and Driver for JSpec Performance in Canada, about their shop, racing efforts, and what they think about the new ENEOS RACING Series products.

Best Quote: “ENEOS RACING Series oils are amazing, they are what keep us on top of our competition and… our motor running strong event after event.”

Classification: Retail performance shop and race team
Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
How long in business: since 2010 (8 years)
Racing Team: ENEOS/JSpec Performance
How long racing: 
Racing at track since 2008
Competing since 2012
Larry Li (Owner & Team Chief)
Lap Li (Manager/Driver)
Jay Chan (Mastermind behind car mods)
Wilson Chan (Lead Tech – also owns race team Noble Performance)

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What is the genesis of your business/team name?

“The origination of the company name is from our roots in JDM. We (initially) specialized in Honda performance. over the years we have broadened our horizons and now cater to all makes and models of vehicles. The brand ‘Jspec’ has stuck with us.”   

Tell us about the origins of your shop?

“It was a small 1-person shop which my brother Larry started.” – Lap Li

What do you feel was instrumental to getting where you are?

“Larry, the owner of JSpec, who is also my older brother. Without him, I definitely would not be where I am right now… might have even chosen the wrong path, you know?” 

How did you get started in racing?

“Larry and I purchased our first track car together, it was an 89 Civic hatch with a B16a and we had a blast. We’ve been hooked ever since. In around 2012, Larry asked me to race for JSpec Performance.”

What sets your team apart from others you see?

“Everyone on the JSpec team is family (either by blood or bond). We will do anything to help each other out.”

What are some of your awards?

“We currently hold the Street FWD record at Toronto Motorsport Park, Shannonville Motorsport Park and also Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (DDT).” 

On using ENEOS:

When did you start using ENEOS products?


Which ENEOS products do you use?

“ENEOS Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, ENEOS SUSTINA, and now the new ENEOS RACING Series products.

What specifically have you noticed about using ENEOS products?

“We have been using Sustina ever since we first started to race back in 2012, and this past year, we were honored to be one of the first to ever try the new RACING STREET and RACING PRO oils, and I must say, these oils are amazing! It’s what has kept us on top of our competition and also what keeps our motor running strong, event after event!” 

General observations:

“Used” oil is cleaner after use than other brands | After ENEOS use, engine is cleaner (than with other brands) | Requires fewer oil changes/longer time between oil changes | Provides performance enhancements

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They not only won first place in Street FWD but also set a new class record this past weekend in Shannonville Motorsport Park at CSCS Racing!

About the JSpec vehicles
Here are a few they’ve raced through the years:

  • EK Coupe with a K24
  • Red EG Hatch (Angry Bird) with K24 (this car still holds the street FWD record at both Shannonville Motorsport Park and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (DDT)
  • 8th gen SI with a Kraftwerk Super Charger (picture below shows when they broke the Superstreet FWD record)
  • Yellow EK hatch, also with another K24 (this is the car they are currently racing with the hopes to break a few records this year)
  • Orange EG Hatch: this car is being overhauled with a new Borg Warner Turbo sponsored by Full Race, they are hoping to get this car up and running by the end of the 2018 season

Thanks Lap, Larry, and the entire team at JSpec Performance for your passion for racing and building race cars, representing the sport in the land of the north, and for being ENEOS People!

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