Gridlife Midwest 2019 Packs Everything We Love About Cars Into One Festival

There’s something to be said about festivals and why people travel in droves to the middle of nowhere to see acts by their favorite performers. If Coachella can attract hundreds of thousands to the desert to see the biggest pop acts and underground superstars kick off their tour season, who says the same formula can’t be applied when it comes to the world of automotive? This is where Gridlife comes into play.

Outside of Southern California car culture, Gridlife events are widely considered to be the ultimate destination for enthusiasts, and its most recent Midwest Festival is proof positive. Offering three days of racing, camping and music to approximately 20k attendees, it also attracted more than 400 drivers to compete in a variety of track events, including Gridlife TrackDay, Time Attack, Gridlife Touring Cup (GLTC) as well as both pro and amateur drift competitions – easily the most popular micro-event within the entire space.

For 2019, ENEOS has proudly partnered with Gridlife for its entire TrackBattle season, offering special discounts exclusively to drivers at its events. Visit our booth at Gridlife Festivals for special meet-and-greets, T-shirt giveaways and other free stuff.

Our very own ENEOS-sponsored driver and Formula DRIFT Champ, Daijiro Yoshihara made a cameo appearance to throw down with his Falken teammates (Justin “JTP” Pawlak and Odi Bakchis) in exhibition runs. Other pro DRIFT headliners included Vaughn Gittin Jr, Chelsea DeNofa, Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg.

Aside from car-related activities, Gridlife Midwest’s other main attraction is its music festival, and as you can tell, the kids went crazy for a well thought-out roster of DJs and acts from various EDM sub-genres, featuring headliners Ghastly, Getter, and Oliver Tree, plus other supporting artists. We’ve seen announcements for Gridlife’s ATL Festival and we can honestly say you’re in for a treat with the DJs they’ve secured.

Gridlife Strategy Director, Shawn Fenty, says the best way to describe one of his events if you’ve never attended is simple: “Gridlife not only celebrates the full spectrum of car culture, but delivers events in a festival environment where good music and good times bring everyone together with high-fives and high-revs.” He hopes Gridlife can be the catalyst to inspire the “car curious” into becoming full-blooded enthusiasts, eliminating the common “us versus them” mentality. High-speed action, partying until the break of dawn – what’s not to love?


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ENEOS will be there with its booth, display cars, T-shirt give-aways, as well as a chance to meet Steve Arpin and win a ride-along in this ARX Rallycross Ford Fiesta.

You can also enter the ENEOS x Super Street Contest for Gridlife ATL with a chance to have your car in the ENEOS booth, plus expenses paid, VIP Gridlife entrance tickets, VIP glamping passes (or your own hotel room), Gridlife swag, ENEOS T-shirts, 36-liters of ENEOS motor oil and a ride-along in Steve Arpin’s ARX Fiesta!

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By Jonathan “JDM” Wong