Steve Arpin took over our Twitter feed last week to answer some ENEOS fan questions! Here is the result:

Q: Hi Steve, what do you enjoy doing during the short off time?
A: Hey Lorri! I also work at the shop full time during the week so that takes up most of my time, away from work, my wife and I do anything fun!
Q: Any favorite tracks? Any give you trouble maybe don’t enjoy that much?
A: I love LA, and Seattle most, so I’m pumped for rest of season! Least fav track so far was Indy, I struggled there!
Q: Steve if you weren’t racing in the GRC where would you want to be racing?
A: I’d do ANYTHING to be able to race more dirt track stuff!! Miss is so much and have a blast every time I do it!!
Q: What’s your favorite moment while racing in the GRC Series?
A: Favorite moment was winning our 1st race for Loenbro Motorsports this year, having my dad there and getting the call from Paul and Jon Leach, loved it!
Q: What’s your least favorite moment while racing in the GRC Series?
A: Least favorite was my wife Jen not being able to be there!! She’s my biggest fan and it sucked not being able to share those moments with her!
A2: Least favorite moment on track was getting landed on after the jump on the 1st lap of Ottawa and being taken out for absolutely no reason! (mad face emoji_
Q: What are the chances of ever showing back up in MN/WI with a orange 00 modified?
A: I had a conversation with a buddy about the Wissota 100 next week, that would be AWESOME! But we have so much going on that may be tough!
A2: I really want to do more but timing of it, and the opportunities to get in good cars are tough to come by! Always trying to make it work though
Q: This is all that I use in my WRX. Could you send me a case, it’s oil change time. I’m not far from Evergreen Speedway.
A: If I had some [extra] with me I’d hook you up! But I am sure there are some local dealers around where you can pick some up! Thanks for using our oil.