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From JDM to DTM: Dai Yoshihara’s Mercedes 190E Project

If there’s something ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara can’t pass up, it’s the opportunity to build crazy project cars; and his latest is no exception. As if the AE86R wasn’t crazy enough, he’s again applying Honda magic, this time to a European chassis. To be precise, he installed a Honda S2000 F22C motor in this Mercedes-Benz 190E sedan — a classic of the DTM racing series.

Debuted in December at a special unveiling hosted by Period Correct near Los Angeles, Dai worked with Chris Marion from KW Suspension to bring this retro project to fruition. While they initially considered an original Mercedes/Cosworth 2.5-16 Evolution engine, it would’ve been extremely expensive, so a 300hp S2K motor was the preferred option. Outfitted with individual throttle bodies, it actually comes close to the 190E’s Evolution power output but is more streetable, can rev higher, and has better parts availability.

Jon Sibal helped design the 190E’s classic touring car livery, which incorporates the Turn 14 color palette into the build. Additionally, Sibal worked with Titan 7 to design a set of one-off wheels, complete with the logos for Dai, Jon and Titan 7 engraved into the wheel lips.

Dai’s 190E needs a little fine-tuning before it sees the track, but we’re sure it’ll continue making headlines in 2021. For now, watch the initial build of the 190E and its unveiling in the video below: