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Faruk Kugay Partners With NVIDIA for iRacing Sim DriftMod

Is there anything ENEOS ambassador Faruk Kugay hasn’t got his hands on? Formula DRIFT PRO driver, check. TV personality, check. Drift event organizer and commentator, check. Bad-ass car builder, check. Now he has a Sim racing computer rig modeled after his S13 drift car, and it’s all thanks to NVIDIA — no big deal, right?

In this episode of GeForce Garage, NVIDIA outlines the new DriftMod, the ultimate high-performance iRacing sim rig optimized with NVIDIA Reflex. If you’re looking to take your iRacing driving to the next level, this is it!

See all the “mods” NVIDIA used to trick-out Faruk’s sim rig, plus the incredible driving/visual dynamics that DriftMod adds to iRacing!