This shop owner and racetrack manager also slides around the track in Formula DRIFT

Faruk Kugay is a bit different from some of our motorsports partners. In addition to owning a share of SGK Performance, a shop and race team based at the Sonoma Raceway in northern California, he also manages Sonoma Drift at Sonoma Raceway, where enthusiasts can drive on three courses throughout the year. A Formula DRIFT veteran, he re-entered the PRO series this year as an ENEOS partner.

His shop specializes in everything from oil changes to performance upgrades, which includes track and drift vehicles. With this expertise, he was able to share some thoughts on ENEOS products.

As an ENEOS partner, Faruk and SGK are also valued members of the GARAGE program. His team has taken advantage of the training and webinars provided in the GARAGE dealer program, along with other benefits, including a listing on our dealer locator Where to Buy on eneos.us

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