Faruk standing in front of car

Faruk Kugay Drifts Electric Chevy Camaro at Holley High Voltage 2022

There isn’t anything ENEOS ambassador Faruk Kugay won’t try to drift! From mega-horsepower PRO drift vehicles to Hollywood stunt cars, he travels the world in search of the next thrill ride and recently attended Holley High Voltage for a silent yet violent test drive in the only all-electric PRO drift Camaro!

Equipped with a Tesla powertrain, the Chevy was the first electric vehicle Faruk has ever driven (if you can believe that) and actually competed with Travis Reeder during part of the 2019 Formula DRIFT season, the first electric drift car to qualify for PRO competition. Although it has since been retired, the Camaro provides the perfect demo. It also utilizes ENEOS EV fluids  to help ensure longevity and maximum efficiency..

Watch the full video below: