S2000R full view

Evasive Motorsports Unveils S2000R and S2000RS at Launch Party

ENEOS ambassadors Evasive Motorsports gave Southern California Honda enthusiasts, media and industry friends not one, but two reasons to rejoice with a launch party to debut their S2000R concept and ENEOS-sponsored S2000RS Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race car.

Dai Yoshihara photographing S2000R white Honda
S2000R ENEOS White Honda rear view
S2000R side view closeup

The heavily-anticipated S2000R is Evasive’s interpretation of what a Type R could be today. Teased for several months before the public reveal, the resto-mod was equipped with the FK8 K20C1 Civic Type R turbo motor. The Championship White chassis has several exterior aero updates, suspension/chassis enhancements, and weight-reducing body components to improve the car’s performance and handling. For those willing, Evasive can create a S2000R to similar specs (and beyond, if your budget allows), with pricing and availability to be finalized in the near future.

White car hood open
Rear view of white honda
S2000R front view closeup

While photos of the S2000R had been seen prior to the launch party, fellow ENEOS ambassador, drifter and car builder Faruk Kugay hosted a Q&A session with Mike Chang and Tony Kwan from Evasive to explain the inspiration behind the build.

S2000R ENEOS Signage
Three speakers at event
ENEOS team

Concealed behind the S2000R was its racing counterpart, the Evasive Motorsports / ENEOS Motor Oil Honda S2000RS.

ENEOS branded car
ENEOS branded car side view
Dai speaking at event

Removing the cover to reveal the brand new ENEOS livery, the S2000RS received enthusiastic applause from attendees before its pilot and long-time ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara explained plans for another class win at the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Yoshihara and Evasive are excited to get back into a Honda-powered competition car for the legendary Race to the Clouds.

To further celebrate Honda legacy, Evasive also amassed some of the finest R-badged vehicles at the same venue, including two examples of the incredibly rare NSX-R, a DC2R and DB8R (two and four-door variant), as well as an FL5 Civic Type R.

S2000R ENEOS White Honda side view
Two white cars side views
Two white cars

ENEOS is extremely thankful to everybody who joined us to celebrate this special occasion, and we look forward to witnessing the Evasive Motorsport / ENEOS Motor Oil Honda S2000RS compete at the 2023 Pikes Peak event.

We’ll have more information about the car and the Pikes Peak challenge on ENEOS social media channels leading up the big race on June 25.