2024 Evasive Motorsports / ENEOS Motor Oil Honda S2000RS made its debut for the World Time Attack Challenge.

Evasive Motorsports Debuts 2024 Honda S2000RS for World Time Attack Challenge Australia

Formally announcing plans earlier this year to take on the Pro Class at the 2024 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) at Sydney Motorsport Park in Australia from August 30-31, Team ENEOS ambassadors Evasive Motorsports and Dai Yoshihara celebrated the send-off of the Evasive Motorsports / ENEOS Motor Oil Honda S2000RS at an intimate gathering held at Evasive HQ.

Joined by local media and industry guests, along with a curated collection of some of Southern California’s finest modified S2000s, Evasive pulled the covers off the revised S2000RS to reveal a new ENEOS livery and modifications, including a re-tuned F20C engine boasting a new turbo setup, nitrous for additional power and improved response, and upgraded power steering system; additional aero to improve downforce; and larger Brembo brakes.

We’ve driven the S2000RS in US time attacks and Pikes Peak, but we’re excited to travel to Australia for WTAC,” said Mike Chang, Evasive CEO. “We made the necessary enhancements since Sydney Motorsport Park is such a demanding circuit: there’s more power and response, lots of downforce…basically lots of ‘everything’ to be able to hang with the competition. Thanks to ENEOS for supporting our crazy dream of racing down under!

The Evasive S2000RS has seen five Pikes Peak International Hill Climb campaigns in various configurations, but the previous S2000RS version has the record for fastest S2K at Buttonwillow Raceway (1:41.1) and is also the fastest Honda at WeatherTech Laguna Seca (1:25.0).

The S2000RS received extensive modifications since the last time I drove it, but I’m excited to see how it’ll perform at WTAC,” said Yoshihara. “I love the new ENEOS livery, and while racing at Sydney Motorsport Park will be another first for me, it’s going to be another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’ll cherish forever. I’m thankful to ENEOS and all my sponsors for their continued support.

Stay tuned for further updates with the Evasive S2000RS as it lands in Australia for the 2024 World Time Attack Challenge.