In preparation for the 2019 motorsport season, Evasive Motorsports and ENEOS-sponsored driver Dai Yoshihara took to the track with the ENEOS 2JZ-powered Toyota 86 for a busy day of testing at Buttonwillow Raceway.

This was intended to be an initial shakedown test and the team covered an extensive, planned program ranging from traction control tuning to brake system management, as well as engine and drivetrain reliability. One of their priorities was chassis setup and verification to ensure Dai was happy with the overall handling before more work is carried out on the car.

The Evasive team had a productive day and gathered useful data. Unfortunately, the session was cut short by a drivetrain failure, but a solution is already in the works for the next test. Otherwise, the car had an successful test, with most all of the reliability issues that affected the car at Road Atlanta for the Gridlife event being solved.

In the words of Dai, “The car is getting crazy fast. I can’t wait to take it out again!”

Please follow the progress of Evasive Motorsports and Dai Yoshihara on the ENEOS social media channels as we build to a major 2019 announcement for the team. You can follow at facebook.com/eneosusa and instagram.com/eneosusa