ENEOS to Support PQIA to Assure the Quality and Integrity of Vehicle Lubricants

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America has announced that JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA – parent company and producers of ENEOS Motor Oil – has joined its growing list of supporters, that are working to help assure the quality and integrity of engine oils, transmission fluids, and other lubricants for consumers.

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America is an independent organization that practices random sampling across the country. The collected samples are analyzed by an independent laboratory, and PQIA publishes the results of its findings, making all data public.

To date, PQIA has identified more than 25 different brands of packaged motor oils and transmission fluids available on retail shelves that could cause damage to car engines or transmissions. In addition, dozens more brands have been found to fail a claimed specification, or are labeled with false or misleading claims.

Consumers are encouraged to explore PQIA data. This can help to ensure they are using lubricants that will effectively protect their engines and transmissions from premature wear.

For its part, JX Nippon Oil & Energy is a fully integrated petroleum products company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is the largest oil company in Japan and offers petroleum products and services throughout the world, including factory fill for the majority of Asian automakers. The company uses its research and development with some of the world’s largest auto makers to blend its premium line of synthetic motor oils and transmission fluids in the US under the ENEOS brand. ENEOS branded lubricants are available throughout North America.

“Our organization has a long history of developing high-quality, industry-leading lubricant solutions, most recently providing insight to help develop standards for 0W-16 and lower-viscosity motor oil,” said Toshiyuki (Terry) Hasebe, President and CEO of JX Nippon Oil & Energy, USA. “It is a natural fit for us to join more formally with PQIA to support product quality and standards.”