ENEOS – a division of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy – is delighted to display a 1972 Datsun 240Z in its booth #24313 at SEMA 2018. As the “Original JDM motor oil” ENEOS products from its parent company have filled cars coming off the assembly lines of all Japan’s major auto makers for decades, including the stunning vehicle on display.

Regular viewers of the JDM Legends TV show on the Velocity Channel (now Motor Trend TV) will recognized the Datsun from the first series. The car belongs to Daniel Song and was painstakingly restored by Salt Lake City-based JDM Legends.

Co-owned and operated by Eric Bizek and his small band of Japanese automotive experts, JDM Legends rose to fame as the result of the TV show but has been dedicated to importing, restoring and modifying Japan’s finest motoring treasures since 2009. The company is co-owned and founded by Trey Cobb who also runs Cobb Tuning and was born out of their collective passion for classic Japan Domestic Market vehicles.

As the largest oil supplier in Japan, ENEOS is deeply rooted in the same Japanese sports compact market, so it made perfect sense for them to partner with JDM Legends for SEMA 2018. Everybody agreed that Daniel Song’s 240Z would be the perfect centerpiece for the ENEOS booth at SEMA because it needs no introduction to enthusiasts who will followed its progress on TV and in print.

The story of this incredible car began when Daniel decided to add the retro favorite to his list of modern Japanese project builds. It started with good intentions – finding the right car, stripping it down, painting the body, sourcing rare parts from Japan – but life caught up with Daniel and the 240Z sat for about a year. It was then he enlisted Eric at JDM Legends to bring his concept to life.

While the build began out of the spotlight, it would be catapulted to stardom by the JDM Legend TV show, which chronicled its transformation. This included a 2.8-liter engine swap with triple carburetors for the period correct sound and smell the car deserved. It was mated to a 280ZX five-speed transmission and equipped with sports suspension and uprated brakes. A set of 240ZG fender flares – covering the wide 15″ Volk Racing TE37 wheels – were matched with a deeper front spoiler and Z432 rear spoiler. The interior was also treated to a restored dash, new/old door cards and 432-style tachometer. The final touch was a set of Bride Historix carbon fiber bucket seats manufactured specifically for the project.

It was this stunning canvas that all parties agreed should be elevated for SEMA 2018 from how it appeared on the TV show and later on the cover of Super Street Magazine. Looking back through the archives, Eric came across a 240Z pace car built by Bob Sharp Racing for the IMSA Camel GT series in 1975. It was subsequently rejuvenated by Adam Carolla who added it to his amazing collection several years ago. Its distinctive graphics were reinterpreted by legendary artist Jon Sibal, who incorporated the ENEOS color scheme and updated the logos.

The result is a stunning update to the wonderful swooping graphics that gives Daniel’s retro-modern Datsun a period correct charm. The graphics were applied by Daley Visual in Corona, CA and the vehicle was photographed by another legend of the automotive scene, Larry Chen.

With so many big names collaborating on a single project it was almost inevitable the outcome would be superlative. ENEOS would like to invite everybody to see the car in the flesh in its SEMA 2018 booth #24313 in Central Hall along with its latest motor and transmission oils. Fans of the TV show can also meet Eric Bizek and the JDM Legends crew during appearances on 10/31 at 11AM and 11/1 at 12PM.