New products provide extra performance for everything from weekend to professional use.

JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy, creators of ENEOS, have begun production and shipment of their new ENEOS RACING Series Motor Oil for distribution in the United States and Canada. Created using industry-leading engine oil technologies accumulated from decades of collaborative research with Japan’s top automakers as well as its worldwide racing partners, ENEOS RACING Series has been designed to deliver exceptional performance under relentless conditions, providing maximum horsepower and excellent engine protection for racing vehicles.
The RACING Series features two product lines:


Formulated to provide relentless performance for serious professionals, RACING PRO has been developed for extreme racing conditions, it provides oxidation and temperature stability while preventing sludge build-up.
The unique RACING PRO formulations unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components. Unique, optimally blended additives Mo-DTC and ZDDP help offer superior lubrication, power, and protection at a wider range of temperatures than most racing oils.

  • With RACING PRO 10W-50, the 50:50 Ester mix provides exceptional wear protection, extra high horsepower, and further anti-oxidation stability than other leading racing oils.
  • RACING PRO 0W-20 uses “Ultra Low Vis” ultra-low viscosity oil as its base oil. The MoDTC and ZDDP are combined at just the right blend to reduce friction between metal components. It is the only product in the new RACING Series anticipated to be released in Summer 2018.

ENEOS RACING PRO is suggested for use in GT racing, drift, sprint, stock car, rally, formula racers, and drag racing, among other applications.


RACING STREET products also start with a higher quality of base oil and add an optimum mix of proprietary additives, such as Mo-DTC and ZDDP, to provide high power and rotation rates. They offer outstanding oil film retention capacity, oxidation stability, and anti-wear properties, especially under high temperatures and pressures.

  • RACING STREET 0W-20 uses Group 3+ base oil, which is particularly suited to cold starts in colder temperatures, yet will also protect during multiple hot starts at the track.
  • RACING STREET 0W-50 uses 100% PAO (poly alpha-olefin) fully synthetic base oil, which gives the product incredibly high performance in comparison with general synthetic base oils, with fast start-up and superior engine component protection.

The RACING STREET products most notable quality is they provide the latest API approval rating, making them suitable for street use. This is a convenient feature for racers who may not haul their racing vehicles to the track.
ENEOS RACING STREET is suitable for every type of motorsport, including drift, stock car, rally, autocross, Time Attack, and more.

Details about the RACING Series can be viewed at

At initial launch, the ENEOS RACING Series is available from select retailers and distributors. A list of outlets, which will be updated as the list continues to grow, can be found under Where to Buy ENEOS. Shops interested in carrying the ENEOS RACING Series or who want to be listed on the website can visit .

About ENEOS RACING Series Additives

Ester: also known as Group V Base Oil, an extremely high performance oil primarily used for jet engines, where extreme high-temperature stability is essential. Its combination of branching and polarity of molecules yield extremely low volatility, providing exceptional engine starts and excellent lubricity. Our 50:50 Ester mix provides more wear protection, extra high horsepower, and further anti-oxidation stability than other leading racing oils.
MoDTC: or Molybdenum Dithiocarbamates, is a friction reduction additive used for racing oil. It continuously forms a slippery, protective coating on metal surfaces, minimizing friction dramatically, particularly at high temperature conditions. When paired with Ester, it reduces deposits produced at high temperatures. While it reduces friction, it increases horsepower.
ZDDP: short for “Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphates,” has long been recognized as an anti-wear additive. It not only dramatically reduces metal to metal friction, but also prevents oxidation and corrosion. It can provide considerable benefits, but too much can cause negative effects, such as reducing benefit and life of catalytic converters. Having the experience and R&D to create the right balance is essential.

About ENEOS Products

Products made by ENEOS include premium synthetic motor oils, racing oils, transmission fluids, and gear oil. View more about ENEOS Products
Our products are available throughout North America. View Where to Buy our products to find a retail location near you.

OEM Story

JXTG is a long-time supplier of products to Japanese auto makers, using in-house research and technology to create synthetic motor oil and transmission fluids in conjunction with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), specifically designing lubricants for the tighter tolerances of Asian vehicles. Reducing the viscosity of motor oil without losing performance and protection is another long-term project, conceived in collaboration with OEMs and providing an assist to global standards organization such as the American Petroleum Institute. Working individually with racing teams and their OEMs to create engine oils that provide a “secret advantage” for their drivers is another story behind ENEOS. JXTG creates high performance products that are trusted for use in factory fill of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. More about JXTG

About ENEOS Racing

In 2000, ENEOS began formulating, supplying and sponsoring Honda’s Formula 1 racing team. In addition to its products being used in numerous racing series, including Super GT, ENEOS currently sponsors racing teams in series across the globe. Partner teams include: multiple-time XFINITY and Monster Energy Series winner Kyle Larson with Chip Ganassi in the NASCAR XFINITY Series; Formula Drift legend Daijiro Yoshihara; top series racer Steve Arpin and Loenbro Racing in the new Americas Rallycross Championship (ARX); Shane Stewart of Larson Marks Racing in the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series; Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi of the Yamaha Factory Racing team in MotoGP. View more information about ENEOS Racing.