Ray Ross, Production Planning Associate

Ray Ross, Production Planning Associate

Best Quote: “I really like everything about (working for) JX Nippon Oil & Energy (including) my job (and) the people….”

Work Location: JX Nippon Oil & Energy
USA Inc – Lubricants Alabama
Plant, Childersburg, Alabama

Production Planning Associate

How long working at ENEOS/JX Nippon Oil & Energy?
3 years

Job Description:
Shipping and receiving of packaged products, finished goods; receiving non-bulk raw material; warehouse inventory management.


Ross with ENEOS NASCAR driver Kyle Larson

Favorite thing about job:
The people. “I really like everything about (working for) JX Nippon (including) my job, the people, and monthly lunches.”

Favorite thing about ENEOS / JX Nippon Oil & Energy:
“The family atmosphere. “

Interests and Hobbies:
Auburn [University] Football, Golf, Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite thing about where you live/work: 
“My drive to work is less than 5 miles.”


Ross sporting Auburn Tigers jersey prior to their appearance in the Iron Bowl

Ray and fellow JX associate with Kyle Larson's #42 Chevy Camaro

Ross and fellow JX associate with Kyle Larson’s #42 Chevy Camaro

What is something about ENEOS you feel most people don’t know, but should?
“More people should be aware of our name and our product, because it’s the best.”


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