Best Quote: “les courses se gagnent en équipe tout en restant humble! ” (Team work makes the dream work, while staying humble.)

Owner: Max Durand
General & Team Manager: Seb Gagné
Location: St-Eustache (Montréal area), Quebec, Canada
Garage/Racing Team:

  • Specializes in Honda/Acura performance
  • Performs modifications for racing
  • Wiring schematics
  • US-type modifications and tuning

First opened the garage?
8 years ago


How did you first become interested in cars?
“When I got my license at 16, even before that. I used to race in the street, and tried even them to make our cars faster. When I was 16 – 17 years old, they had open drag race at the Autodrome. I was going every Wednesday and Thursday night every week.
Ten years ago I started making more builds for customers who wanted faster cars.”  – Max Durand
What sets you apart from other garages or builders?
“We look at them, but we only compare at the racetrack how we act or react to something. We do not compare ourselves to people around us, there are not a lot of others doing what we do (in Canada). But we would not be interested (in doing what we do) if we couldn’t be part of a great group.
Racing Background:
Competed in:

  • SSPA (1 class, 4 events, finished 2nd last year)
  • Honda Fest, JDM Fest, Import vs. Domestic (at Autodrome, their home track)
  • CSCS in Toronto, Ontario
  • World Cup Final in Maryland
  • In 2016 was the QCFWD Winner, CSCS Finale Winner, 4th SSPA Championship

What cars do you run? 

  • “Redbeast” 96 Honda Civic Hatchback, driven by Max Durand
  • “Josianne” 97 Honda Civic Coupe, driven by Seb Gagne


MDtuning_FB_eneoshood_Feb2017On using ENEOS:

“We use ENEOS SUSTINA 0W-50. Our engine was open a lot last summer (to make sure everything was fine), and we noticed all the components and bearings that would normally have wear have been fine – really clean and little wear.

“We have even put used oil from a race car into a street car and still had a good experience with it – still seems almost new.”

What moments are you most proud of during racing? 
Winning at Quebec’s FWD and improving (Max’s) personal best in Miami.
Overall, we enjoy the people we work with, even others who might be considered competitors. We surround ourselves with positive things and people, and enjoy promoting the sport more than getting the fastest speed. Our saying is, ‘Rabaisser les autres pour se remonter.’ (We do not push down others to build ourselves up.) Also, ‘les courses se gagnent en équipe tout en restant humble!’ (Team work makes the dream work, while staying humble.)

More of MDtuning’s vehicles and events:

Thanks Max, Seb, and all at MDtuning! We wish you the best of luck in your 2017 season!

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