Best Quote: “We have had 0 engine failures due to lubricant failure since using ENEOS.”

Garage/Repair Shop:  Koru Works
Racing Team: Koru Works Racing Division

Business Partners: Tyler Clayton (1),
Kerry Brown (2)
Marketing/Sales Management: Gregg Bucell (3)
Shop Tuner:
 Forrest Luster (4)
Tech: Ryan Smith (5)
Driver of the KoruWorks 350z: Alec Robbins (6)
Location: Marietta, GA
What sets you apart?
“At KoruWorks we pride ourselves with high expectations in quality along with passion for motorsports. We love what we do everyday at the workplace, would not want to see ourselves doing anything else.”
What’s the meaning of Koru Works? 
“Koru has a couple of meanings in Japanese, but the meaning we most related to was ‘Revel’. Revel is the old graffiti name that Tyler Clayton, the Co-Owner of Koru Works, used back in his college days.”
Known for:
Running a race car/driver (Alec Robbins) in Formula Drift Pro 2 circuit. Robbins was the 2016 MDU Season Champion.
They have also worked with well-known clients such as Rutledge Wood from NASCAR and American Top Gear, Killer Mike from Run The Jewels.
KoruWorks has been featured on Motor Trends newest show MODIFIED.
First opened the garage?
“KoruWorks has been around going on its 7th year, but we each have been building and racing cars as long as we could remember.”  

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How did your interest in cars and tinkering for performance get started?
“All of the Koru Works team can admit that we started on our very first cars around the age of 15-16. Once we could get our hands on a car of our own, it was all downhill from there. Didn’t matter if it was a VW Bug or a Nissan Altima… we were going to make it a hotrod of our own.”

TYLER CLAYTON: fell in love with drifting during his College years and starting building some of his first drift cars in the early 2000’s.
KERRY BROWN: started out building drift cars for Finish Line Motorsports the very first year Formula Drift debuted in 2004.
GREGG BUCELL: got his start with the automotive industry straight out of high school in 2006, as he became the associate editor for S3 Magazine (A Performance Sport Compact Car Magazine)
FORREST LUSTER: has been building and tuning race cars since his early high school years. He is one of those guys whose name is associated with top notch build quality and tuning expertise. Forrest goes through the ECU (electronic control unit) on Koru Works cars after every event, checking the engine and all parameters, and helps make sure that the 350z is 100% before every event. His level of service and knowledge are unparalleled.
RYAN SMITH: a young intern that has been working with Koru Works for about a year now. He has shown great work ethic and amazing learning skills. He is a huge asset to KoruWorks and its race team.
ALEC ROBBINS: is the newest member to the KoruWorks family. He resides in Minnesota and travels with the race team as the driver of the KoruWorks Formula Drift Nissan 350z.
What (or who) do you feel was instrumental to getting where you are?
“We have many idols that have helped mold us into the people we are today. We all agreed that ENEOS driver Dai Yoshihara has played a large part in helping us be where we are now. He is one of the early pioneers that helped legitimize the sport of drifting and has continued pushing the industry to where it is now.”

On using ENEOS:

KoruWorks_350z_sustina_cropWhen did you start using ENEOS products?
We have been using ENEOS in our race and personal vehicles for about 5 years. 
Which ENEOS products do you use?
We currently sell ENEOS Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, ENEOS SUSTINA, ENEOS ECO-ATF, and ENEOS Gear Oil products.
What specifically have you noticed about using ENEOS products?
We have had 0 engine failures due to lubricant failure since using ENEOS. Oil filters and engine look cleaner after inspection and we have even noticed some improved performance after switching to ENEOS SUSTINA.

What cars do you run?
This is our first year debuting our newest shop car, the Nissan 350z. It has a full schedule of events including Formula Drift Pro 2, GridLife, LS Fest, Car Craft Summer Nationals, and a full season of South East Drift Union. The car has also been shot for S3 Magazine as a feature and used for Konig Wheels ads for 2017.
Being recognized by Motor Trend has been a huge honor. They did a shop feature and even drove a few of our shop cars on their new show MODIFIED.

KoruWorks Z33 Formula Drift Race Car Spec Sheet

AFR LS3 Mongoose Heads
Haltech ECU
Haltech Engine Harness
AIM Dash Data Logger
Mast 417 LS3 Engine
Fueled Racing LS Swap Kit
Fueled Racing Headers
ARE Dry Sump Oil System
Turn 1 High Volume Power Steering Pump
Mishimoto Radiator
ENEOS Gear Oil 75-W90
GSR 4 Speed Transmission
ACT Twin Plate Clutch
Sikky Rear Subframe
Winters Quick Change Rear End
Driveshaft Shop Axles
Suspension/ Brakes
Fortune Auto 510 Custom Coilovers
Wisefab Front and Rear Knuckle/ Arm Kit
Wilwood 4 Piston Front brakes
Wilwood Dual 2 Piston Rear Brakes

Wheels/ Tires
Konig Hypergram 18×9.5 +25
Achellies ATR Sport 2 255/35/18
Rocket Bunny Z33 Wide Body Kit
Diode Dynamics LED Underglow
House Of Color Demon Gold Paint
Seibon Carbon Rear Hatch
Vinyl Graphics by TheInHouse ATL
Diode Dynamics Interior Lighting
OMP Seats
OMP Harnesses
KoruWorks / Voodoo13 Hydrolic Handbrake
Vertex Mean Streets Steering Wheel
Woodward Steering Column

In what events and leagues do you participate?
GridLife  | Southest Drift Union  | Formula Drift

Video of Koru Works S13 from 2016

All of us at ENEOS appreciate the contribution Koru Works makes to the automotive and racing world, and the chance to see our products in action. We expect to keep hearing great things from you!

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